23 November 2011

BEAUTY is in the eyes of the beholder


Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. It is all a matter of perception. A person who is not so good looking may have immense inner beauty. This is the beauty which gives the confidence to the person and becomes the reason for radiance reflecting on the face. This is what is called beauty as defined by traditionalists. Physical beauty can be achieved by any and everyone but ‘beauty’ in the real sense of term can only be appreciated by one who understands it. It is not important for a person to be gorgeous to be called ‘beautiful’; it is the heart that demands this praise. Here we come to the division between glamour and beauty. Dressing, accessories, shoes etc add to the glamour quotient whereas the purity of the heart is the measure of the beauty quotient.

But appreciation of universal beauty is still the monopoly of the eyes which sees it. Leonardo da Vinci’s Monalisa is considered a universal treat to the eyes. It is a rare piece of beauty, but again one may not appreciate the beauty of Monalisa and find it to be rather ugly! Yes it’s quite possible because beauty is a matter of perception. Ex. A feature which is not appealing to one can have immense attraction for another. Wrinkles on a woman’s face may be quite disturbing even to the woman, but to her lover it might be the very thing which attracts him. Same thing goes with imperfections. Many people like things or objects which are imperfect. Suppose a flower vase which is not so perfect may have more aesthetic appeal than a perfect vase. It all depends on how a person looks at it. Even an innate object may spell ‘awesome’ for some, while for others it may still remain innate. So the essence of beauty lies in what a person imagines and appreciates.


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