29 February 2012

Why Living Together is a Good Idea



  • Some couples want to try living together to see how they get on together before committing to marriage. Other times, they simply don't have the option to get married. For example, same-sex couples have marriage rights only in a handful of American states, and at one time interracial marriage was socially forbidden.


  • Living together makes economic sense, as a couple can share the costs of utility bills and other expenses between them. In the lead-up to an expensive wedding, cohabitation could mean big savings. In some cases, marriage can affect taxation and social security benefits, so couples choose to live together rather than marry.


  • At root, many couples live together because they love each other and enjoy spending their lives close to each other. According to social scientists David Knox and Caroline Schacht, in the book "Choices in Relationships," couples who live together are more likely to report a sense of emotional well-being than single people or non-cohabiting couples.

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Cohabitation and Its Advantages


Cohabitation simply means living together. The term is normally applied to two people who are living together outside of marriage. According to a joint study by the Pew Research Center and "Time Magazine," four out of ten Americans think marriage is becoming obsolete. Although various religious traditions frown upon cohabitation, many cohabitating couples find the arrangement to be more advantageous than marriage.

Financial Benefits

  • Cohabitation is financially advantageous if the two people who are cohabitating would otherwise reside alone. Not only can cohabitating couples split rent, they can also split cable, Internet, telephone and other utility bills. People can also save money on gas since they will not be traveling back and forth between each other's residences. Cohabitation allows couples to save money on the monthly costs of living, and this may be helpful if the couple is saving for a wedding, honeymoon or a future mortgage. According to the Pew Research Poll, two thirds of persons that have cohabitated regarded the arrangement as a step towards marriage. If the couple does not intend to marry, they can avoid the costs of a big wedding ceremony by simply moving in together.

No Ceremony

  • Some non-religious people choose to cohabitate because they do not regard the religious or legal ceremony of marriage to be that important. For these people, a union between two people is not stronger simply because a priest or state officiant formally acknowledges the union. If a couple regards marriage as a mere formality, then cohabitating can be a more desirable option.

Companionship and Compatibility

  • Cohabitation provides companionship. Cohabitating couples can enjoy each other's company when home from work in the evening or when just relaxing on the weekends. At the same time, cohabitation provides the opportunity to test compatibility before making the serious commitment of marriage. Residing together can really change the dynamic of a relationship and introduce new stresses and tensions. Some couples prefer to experience these adjustments before marriage.

Protesting the Institution of Marriage

  • Despite religious, cultural and legal biases against non-traditional unions, more and more Americans are accepting of unions between two men or two women. In fact, according to an April 2011 CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll, 51 percent of Americans think gays and lesbians should have the same legal rights as married men and women. Some heterosexual couples choose to protest the heterosexist bias of the institution of marriage by refusing to wed until all couples are permitted to wed. Others reject the institution of marriage altogether, believing that it privileges patriarchal values. For people with ethical objects to marriage or to legislation authorizing only one type of marriage, cohabitation is an alternative.

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Why Do Couples Who Live Together Divorce?


By John London

Opinion is wildly divided on whether couples who live together before marriage are more likely to get divorced than those who don't. Some studies have shown divorce rates up to 80 percent higher for unmarried cohabiting couples, while others suggest there is no significant difference. It does seem, however, that there is at least a prima facie case to suggest that co-habitation before marriage does raise the chances of a couple getting a divorce over and above the accepted average.


One reason that has been cited for the higher divorce rates of cohabiting unmarried couples is their lack of commitment to the institution of marriage. Clearly the less moral, emotional and spiritual value people place on marriage, the more their ties to the institution will be weaker as a whole and divorce will come much easier. A couple who are cohabiting before marriage have shown they place a lesser value on the institution of marriage than others who take a more rigid and traditional approach.

Peer Pressure

It is possible that those who have cohabited for long periods before marriage eventually end up getting married for a wrong reason, such as peer pressure -- either from the other partner or family and friends or all three. Sometimes people can cohabit without very strong relationship bonds in the first place. The marriage may not have been any momentous decision -- just one they drifted into. Because the relationships were not overly committed to begin with, clearly the marriage is at more risk of ending in divorce.


It can be argued that those who do not cohabit before marriage are generally more morally conservative than those who do. Therefore they are less likely to be divorced. They place a higher value on the institution and perhaps will endure a greater degree of marital strain than others before -- if at all -- succumbing to divorce. Those who do cohabit could be seen to be of a more liberal persuasion and will be inherently more inclined to treat divorce as a less important act than others.


People who cohabit before marriage may have unrealistic expectations of what marriage is all about. They may have an unrealistic, "rose-tinted" view of marriage and believe that once the act is done their previously shaky or fractious relationship will settle into a phase of domestic bliss. They may be very surprised to discover that after marriage not much has changed because the fundamental underlying causes of their poor relationship have not been changed.


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Space in a Relationship


Being clingy, or overly needing your boyfriend's attention, is likely to make him feel suffocated. Learn to step back and give him some breathing space, for your boyfriend's good and for your relationship's as well. Giving space is about trusting your boyfriend and allowing him to have a life of his own and to celebrate his individuality. Recognize the warning signs of your clinginess before the situation turns worse and you end up losing your boyfriend and a relationship that could've been beautiful.

Include "his time without me" into your daily routine. Make it a rule to leave your boyfriend alone during this time. Allow him to think alone, hang out with friends or pursue whatever that interests him during this time. Realize that by doing this, you'll give him more things to share with you, which you can add to your list of personal moments.

Allow your boyfriend exclusive time alone with his friends regularly. Let your boyfriend spend his time with his friends while you spend it with yours, each planning your own activities. For example, your boyfriend could go to a local football game while you spend time shopping; or your boyfriend and his company could laze out in front of a TV at home while you spend a spa day with your friends.

Learn to read your boyfriend's moods and preferences to understand when he needs his space. For example, imagine you are in a romantic mood and hug your boyfriend but you don't feel him being enthusiastic or even interested, let alone responding to your gesture; this is a sign to back off and give him his space. Understand that by being adamant and refusing to respect your boyfriend's back-off signs, you are being selfish; by giving space you prevent ending up in a fight, and chances are high that your boyfriend will seek you out once his mood changes.


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27 February 2012

Bob Ong vs. Yours Truly


Bob Ong : Ang tenga kapag pinagdikit korteng puso…Extension ng puso ang tenga, kaya kapag marunog kang makinig, marunong kang magmahal

Ako : Kailanman di mo pwedeng pagdikitin ang dalawang tenga maliban na lang kung tanggalin mo, alam mo yan! at hindi porket marunong kang makinig ay marunong ka ng magmahal, saka paano naman ung mga bingi?, gusto mo ba sabihing hindi sila marunong magmahal?

Bob Ong : Ang pag ibig Parang elevator lang yan, bakit mo pagsisiksikan ung sarili mo kung walang pwesto para sayo. Eh meron naman hagdan, ayaw mo lang pansinin.

Ako : Di ka ba pwedeng maghintay? babalik din naman ung elevator, wala ka lang talagang tyagang maghintay…pagbalik nun wala nang laman, pwede ka nang sumakay…magtatalon ka pa dahil sa sobrang luwang ng elevator.

Bob Ong : Kung maghihintay ka nang ng lalandi sayo, walang mangyayari sa buhay mo.. Dapat lumandi ka din

Ako : Ang problema, kahit anong gawin mong landi eh walang pumapansin sayo…may mangyayari kaya sa buhay mo?

Bob Ong : Bakit ba ayaw matulog ng mga bata sa tanghali? alam ba nilang pag natuto silang umibig e hindi na sila makakatulog kahit gusto nila

Ako : Kung totoo man to, ibig sabihin walang taong umiibig, ganun ba? kasi halos lahat nakakatulog lalo kapag inaantok.

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Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story


Hindi ako fan ng action movies, wag mo akong asahan sa ganyan. Pero nakapanood ako ng ilang pelikula nila FPJ, Rudy Fernandez, Philip Salvador, Bong Revilla, Cesar Montano at Robin Padilla. Hindi ako magaling na kritiko ng pelikula, pero alam ko ang pinagkaiba ng maganda sa hindi, ang mahusay sa hindi o ang may kwenta sa wala.

Lagi kong inaabangan ang mga pelikulang kasali sa Metro Manila Film Festival. Kasi ibig sabihin, pinaghandaan, pinag-isipan, pinag-aksayahan ng panahon at hindi biro-birong artista ang isasalang dito. Pero minsan nagiging pare-pareho na, hindi na nakakasabik ang mga pelikula. Hula mo na ang twist at kung anu-ano pa. Dahil dyan, laging horror na ang inaabangan ng pamilya kaya una naming pinanood ang Segunda Mano. Pero dahil hindi ito tungkol sa pelikulang yan, hindi ko na pahahabain pa, para sa akin deserving si Dingdong Dantes para sa Best Actor.

Isang linggo ang lumipas, ang dami kong nababasa at nadidinig na maganda daw ang Asiong Salonga Story. Inaya ako ng pinsan kong manood, curious ako, oo. Kaso naman kasi baka tulad lang ito ng ibang pelikulang parang ewan lang sa bakbakan, laging huli sa eksena ang mga parak at halata mo kung sinu-sino ang goons sa hindi. Ayoko makakita ng itim na leather jacket o kung anu-ano pang simbolo ng kontrabida ka. Para mamatay na ang curiosity ko sa pelikulang ito, o tara! Nood na tayo.

Habang nakapila kami sa Cinema 3, naglalabasan naman sa sinehan yung iba -- puro goons at gangster. Tama ba ang papanoorin namin?

Nagsimula na. Black and white, binubugbog si Asiong (Jeorge Estregan). Hanggang sa binitawan ni Viray (Roi Vinzon) ang mga katagang,

"Trak, trak pa ng bigas ang kakainin mo, bago mo kami talunin."

Sabay-sabay nag-react ang mga manonood. Mukang malulupet ang linyahan dito. Seryoso ang mga manonood,wala kang maririnig na kalansing ng balot ng pagkain o higop sa paubos ng inumin. Matapos bugbugin si Asiong, salitang "Tara!" lang ang senyales niya sa mga kasama niya para rumesbak. Patalim at tirador laban sa mga baril, astig!

Halos hindi mapigilan ang pagtawa ng mga tao ng mapansing halos komedyante ang mga kasama ni Asiong, maski ang salita ni Asiong, natatawa sila. May narinig pa akong nagtalo kung si Efren "Bata" Reyes ba si Amay Bisaya.

Ang galing ng effect. Sumi-cinematography at bume-best picture ang Manila Kingpin. Kahit maraming nagsasabi ng magulo daw ang istorya. Hmm.. kung tambay nga si Asiong at hindi naman siya nangongotong sa mga tao, saan niya kinukuha ang perang pinamimigay niya? Robinhood ng Pilipinas ika nga.

Wala akong pakialam kung marami ding nagsasabing walang kwenta panoorin ito, e nagandahan ako kahit hindi mga ganitong tema ng pelikula ang pinapanood ko. Bigla kong minahal ang black and white at pormahan dati; ang kalesa at ang vintage na sasakyan; ang mataas na halaga ng piso at mababang presyo ng sinehan.

Totoong istoryan ito ng totoong tao. Pero totoo din kaya na noong sinugod ni Totoy Golem (John Regala) sina Asiong habang nagbabaraha sila at nagkatutukan ng baril, e kamao lang ang itinaas ni Amay Bisaya? Deadly. At nagbatuhan nanaman ng makamandag na linyahan;

"Hindi ako tinatayuan ng balahibo sa'yo Golem. Kung matapang ka, iputok mo!"

At sa suntukuan ni Golem at Asiong na may kagatan ng braso, tusukan ng ilong at hatakan ng bibig. Aguy! Tapos sabay sabing "BOOOOOO!" ng mga taong usi matapos ang hindi makataas balahibong laban.

Maraming epic moments sa Manila Kingpin. Mula sa aksyon, drama hanggang sa komedya na hindi mo agad-agad makakalimutan paglabas mo ng sinehan. Tiyak ikukwento mo, ipagsasabi mong hindi sayang ang ibabayad mo. Sino bang makakalimot sa kalesa chase nina Totoy Golem at ang dati niyang tropapips? Hanep sa habulan ng kalesa at hanep sa paghataw ng kabayo ang kutsero. Steady lang kahit nagbabarilan na. At sa laki ng kabayo, hindi man lang yun nabaril ng sandamukmok na palitan ng putok, pero si kutsero.. dedbol. Hindi rin malilimutan ang saksakan habang nakatali ang kamay o duelo nina Asiong at Boy Zapanta (Ronnie Lazaro) sa loob ng kulungan. Kung paano ilagan ni Asiong sa tubig ang malampang pagsaksak ni Zapanta. Palakpakan ang mga tao.

Ang dami agad reaction paper kahit hindi pa tapos ang palabas. E ano naman kung hindi makalabas ng kulungan si Mayor (Jay Manalo) pero nakaya niyang palabasin si Asiong. Malay ba nating mas gusto niya sa loob ng Munti. At bakit nakakasira ng barilan scene si Kiko (Ketchup Eusebio), ano naman kung gusto niyang makipagbarilan habang nagbibisekleta? E bakit, kaya mo ba yun? At namatay pa yata dahil sa pagsemplang niya.

At ano din nga naman kung nakakabading ang posing ni Pepeng Hapon (Joko Diaz) nung namatay siya? Mapipili mo ba yun kapag namatay ka na, hindi naman di ba? Hindi naman matatawaran ang eksena ng barilan nila sa ulan. Sabayan pa ng hampas ng tubig na tila sumasabay sa dalawang karakter. Astig ng pagkaka-edit, umi-slow motion, e.

Paganda ng paganda ang eksena. Nakalaya na si Asiong sa pagkakakulong. Masayang masaya ang lahat lalo ang asawa niyang si Fidela (Carla Abellana) at ang kapatid niyang pulis na si Domeng (Philip Salvador). Parang ayos na ang lahat, parang hindi na mambabae si Asiong, parang okay na sila ni Golem, parang wala ng barilan, pero yun pa lang pala ang simula. Iyon ang simula ang trayduran sa grupo, ng sa dahil sa kapangyarihan at ng dahil sa pera. Sa simula pa lang alam mong walang magandang gagawin si Erning Toothpick (Baron Geisler), ibig lang sabihin, effective ang role niya.

Makapagbagbagdamdamin ang pagkamatay ni Asiong. Yung tipong madadala yung emosyon mo hindi dahil alam mong bida siya, kundi alam mong hindi patas ang pagkamatay niya. Pagbaril mula sa likod ng isang kaibigan, si Erning. Matapos sabihing,

"Iputok mo, Erning.. ng matapos na!"

Saklap lang. Nag-udyok ng galit ang eksenang iyon. Parang lahat gustong pagtutusukin ng toothpick si Erning hanggang sa mawalan siya ng hininga. At mabuti na lang gumanti ang ibang kaibigan ni Asiong. Sinuntok, sinipa, tinalian ang mga kamay, binitin sa puno, sinunog at binaril. Sarap! Morbid! Damang-dama mo sa dalawang eksenang ito ang sinabi ni Asiong na:

"Mas masarap ang mamatay sa kamay ng kaaway, nguni't masakit mamatay sa kamay ng kaibigan."

But wait, there's more. Hindi pa pala tapos. Akalain mong sumugod pa sa libing ni Asiong si Golem. Pero wag ka, handa ang mga loko sa barilan. Akalain mong armas ang laman ng kabaong na pasan nila. Ang sarap pumasok sa eksenang ito, makikita mong gigil ang mga kasamang matatanda sa sinehan. Ramdam mong apektado sila, sabay pa ng tugtog na Mad World ng Tears for Fears. And the last man standing.. Bimbo (Yul Servo), ay kasali pa rin pala si Pareng Ipe. ☺

Kung tinamad kayong panoorin at basahin, sayang! Maganda ang Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story. Kahit hindi ito magse-sequel ng aabot sa trese, o tinatambalan ng sinasabing humahakot sa takilyang artista.. ano naman? Kahit hindi ito ihahalintulad sa banyagang pelikula na ginaya lang din naman, ano naman?

Ang tagal nawala ang ng Philippine Action Movie sa eksena. At ngayong humahakbang muli sila pabalik, binabati ko kayo sa isang maganda at walang katulad na simula. Siguro nga, trak, trak na bigas pa ang kailangan upang makabangon muli, pero ano naman? Darating din ang panahong masasabi natin sa mga pelikulang ginagawa lang para masabing may ipalalabas na pelikulang, "Patutumbahin kita mismo sa lupang kinatatayuan mo." Lalo pa't ngayong protektado tayo ni Asiong.

“Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story” is the biggest winner at the 37th Metro Manila Film Festival Awards Night (MMFF 2011) held at Resorts World Manila on December 28. The movie about Asiong, the smart and toughest mobster of Tondo, bagged a total of 11 awards.

“Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story” Awards at 2011 MMFF:
Best Picture
Best Director – Tikoy Aguiluz
Gatpuno Villegas Cultural Award
Best Supporting Actor – John Regala
Best Screenplay – Roy Iglesias
Best Production Design – Fritz Siloria, Mona Soriano, and Ronaldo Cadapan
Best Editing – Jason Canapay and Ryan Orduna
Best Musical Score – Jessie Lazaten
Best Sound Recording – Mike Idioma
Best Original Theme Song – Ely Buendia -”La Paloma”
Best Cinematography – Carlo Mendoza

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22 February 2012

Little Miss Swagger


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Clean and Green


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Move on...


Break-ups can be difficult and painful, but the important thing to remember is that a break up is not the end of the world. Sometimes a break-up can even be a good thing because it will give you a chance to re-evaluate your life, and maybe even lead you to find someone more suitable. The truth is, that you can move on after a break-up no matter how bad it may have been.

1. Give yourself plenty of time to heal and recuperate. Remember that time heals all wounds. Put away pictures, gifts or any mementos that remind you of your ex. It is natural to experience feelings of denial, but do your best to resist the urge to call your ex and ask to get back together. Immediately after a break-up, you are at your most vulnerable state, so be careful not to get into a rebound relationship that may prove to be a mistake. Avoid some of the pitfalls, such as drowning your sorrows in alcohol, and instead channel all of your energy into positive activities that make you feel good about yourself.

2. Surround yourself with friends and loved ones. Talk about how you're feeling and allow them to comfort you and offer you advice. A break-up can be a very lonely experience, so surrounding yourself with others you love and trust will help to erase some of the loneliness. Don't try to deal with the experience all by yourself. Go out and meet new people, rebuild old relationships, network and immerse yourself into social situations. Keep yourself busy doing things you enjoy with the people you love, and don't dwell on the past.

3.Go out and have fun. Don't stay home and sulk, as it will only make you feel more miserable. Round up a group of friends and hit the town. Do something fun and exciting, such as a night of dancing or bar hopping. Plan a weekend beach or camping trip or take a quick out-of-town getaway. Going out with friends will remind you that being single can be just as fun as being in a relationship. It will also help to keep your mind off your ex.

4. Take some time off for yourself and get away from the world for a while. Use this time to reflect on your life and expectations for the future. Enjoy your time alone with relaxing activities such as reading, taking long baths, watching your favorite movies or engaging in a favorite hobby or pastime. Basically, take this time to do whatever makes you feel the most relaxed and calm. Clear your mind of all negative feelings to help you slowly let go of any lingering bitterness.

5. Start dating again. After you have given yourself adequate time to get over your last relationship, consider getting back into the dating game. Allow yourself to fall in love again and enjoy the start of a new relationship. Be careful to not rush things and take the time to really let your partner into your life. Take care not to be consumed in this new union, or any other relationship, for that matter--you never know when another break-up may happen.

Whatever you do, don't let a break-up get you down. Remember that everyone experiences break-ups regardless of age, race, class or social status. Even celebrities go through bad break-ups, so don't let the end of a relationship destroy your self-esteem.

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Are you Summer Ready?


With Summer just around the corner, most of us find that over cold winter and rainy spring, we have gained a few pounds, gotten out of shape, maybe lost our summer tan. You may just be worried about how to keep from getting a sun burn, what to do, or what to wear. I will go over a few ways to get you in shape, looking your best, and ready for a great Summer.

Get In Shape

With the holidays having just passed, I'm sure we all have gotten a little out of shape. If you want that summer body back (or just to finally have a summer body), you should start with exercise. A lot of people say DIET and exercise which is even better, but I don't much care for dieting, exercise alone works for me. Some of you all may have gym memberships, or a bench and some weights at home. If you do, I suggest just some basic exercises, and do light weight with high reps around 10 - 20 reps.

CHEST: Bench Press, Push Ups, Chest Fly's

ABS: Crunches, Sit Ups, Leg Raises, Side Leg Raises

LEGS / STAMINA: Jog, Run, Squats

ARMS: Curls, Tricep Dips, Tricep Extensions, Hammer Curls

SHOULDERS: Shrugs, Military Press

BACK: Pull Down Machine, Chin Ups

You do not have to do all the exercises listed, just a few of each. For those of you who do not have exercise equipment or access to a gym, try this write up on how to get in shape without weights.

Skin Care / Tan

Some of you may be worried about getting sun burnt due to light skin, or just worried about how you look since you have lost your tan over the holidays. And if your one of the many (such as myself) who have acne, you may want to try the tanning bed. I know a lot of people disagree with the tanning bed, but I personally go all the time.
It helps get your tan back, this in turn keeps you from burning as easily, and it helps dry up acne and oily skin, and hide the redness from acne.
For those of you with really sensitive skin, you may want to start in a really low level bed, and try to find a place that doesn't have "the best tanning beds in town" because even their light beds will burn you. Lay only a few minutes to start out. If you can not tan, you may want to just buy a really good sun block for the Summer. And if you have acne and burn really easy, you may want to consult a dermatologist or try Acnefree (wal mart brand of proactiv that works great). But most people who burn easy just need time to adjust to the tanning bed slowly.

Unsightly Hair

For girls, you may want to start shaving (or preferred hair removal) your legs more often, bikini line, and so on. For guys, you may want to shave, wax, or whatever method your prefer for hair removal, to your stomach, chest and back. I know a lot of men do not agree with that, it is all in preference.


Make sure you have a pair of sandals or flip flops (that goes for guys or girls). At the least have some tennis shoes. Make sure to have some cargo and / or ball shorts for those hot days you have to get out and have fun. Maybe a few polo's for those dressier days. And if you want to really get dressed up but be comfortable, try some jeans with sandals and a button up (prefer unbuttoned with some kind of undershirt).

Hand & Foot Care

For those of you wearing sandals or going to the beach or anywhere barefoot, make sure to keep those toenails trimmed and feet clean. Same goes for hands and fingernails.


Make sure to keep your car clean for those pretty days you want to ride around. Look into getting your windows tinted because that will make those summer days cooler in long rides.


Make sure to schedule a few days at LEAST of for a vacation or just time to hang out and enjoy summer with friends.

Skin Care

Make sure to stay moisturized, chap stick, hand / feet lotion, because the summer weather will dry your skin up.

So, Are you Summer Ready now?

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Credit goes to : http://summerfelicity.blogspot.com

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17 February 2012

Employee Benefits in the Philippines


Under the Philippine Labor Code are six basic employee benefits, for an individual who is legally working in the Philippines. These basic employee benefits cover most occupations, agricultural or non-agricultural, provided that the associated compensation for every salient Daily Minimum Wages still apply.

Under general circumstances, any legally employed worker who work eight (8) hours a day on a 48 hours a week schedule is covered under the Philippine Labor Code. Commencing from the time the employee starts to work and until twenty-four (24) hours later is considered one work day. The eight-hour work need not be continuous and may be staggered within the one workday stretch.

The term "employee" denotes any person legally employed in the Philippines, any person compulsorily covered by the GSIS under the Commonwealth Act 186, or any person compulsorily covered by the SSS under Republic Act 1161. Such employee is automatically covered for these government mandated employee benefits.

Here are the Basic Benefits for Employees covered by the Philippine Labor Code:

  1. Social Security Systems (SSS) Contributions
    Republic Act No. 8282, otherwise known as the Social Security Act of 1997, refers to the social security system in the Philippines that is initiated, developed and promoted by its Government. The social security system is aimed at providing protection for the SSS member against socially recognized hazard conditions, such as sickness, disability, maternity, old age and death, or other such contingencies not stated but resulted in loss of income or results to a financial burden.

    The employee and his/her employer(s) are to contribute for the social security benefits of the said employee in accordance to a given schedule by the Philippine Social Security System. Monthly employee contribution depends on the employee's actual monthly salary. (See: Circular No. 33-P)

  2. Contribution to National Health Insurance Program (NHIP)
    The employee and his/her employer(s) are to contribute for the medical insurance of the said employee in accordance to the Republic Act 7835 on Medicare Program which is administered by the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (Philhealth). Monthly employee contribution depends on the employee's actual monthly salary. The contribution schedule is provided by Philhealth. (See: Philhealth Premium Contribution Schedule)

  3. Contribution to Home Development and Mutual Fund (HDMF)
    The employer(s) is required to contribute per month not less than P100.00 to the employee's Home Development and Mutual Fund. In accordance to the periodic remittance schedule provided by HDMF, the employer(s) will remit this contribution, in addition to that of the employee's, which is to be deducted from his/her payroll.

  4. The 13th Month Pay
    As mandated by the Presidential Decree No. 851, the employee shall receive a bonus salary equivalent to one (1) month, regardless of the nature of his/her employment, not later than December 24 of every year.

  5. Service Incentive Leave
    Book III, Chapter III of the Labor Code of the Philippines covers the employee's benefit for Service Incentive Leaves. According to Article 95, an employee who has rendered at least one year of service is entitled to a yearly five days service incentive leave with pay. (See: Article 95, Conditions of Employment)

  6. Meal and Rest Periods
    Under Article 83, the employee is provided a one-hour employee benefit for regular meals, when working on an eight (8 hour) stretch. Employees are also provided adequate rest periods in the morning and afternoon which shall be counted as hours worked. (See: Article 83, Conditions of Employment).
All these provisions apply in addition to every new employee benefits furnished that are in excess of what is stipulated by the Philippine Labor Code. Other regular Philippine employees benefits furnished by the employer(s) but are outside of the mandated employee benefit includes, but not limited to:
  1. Housing and housing plans
  2. Expense Account
  3. Company sponsored vehicle
  4. Paid Holiday and Vacation
  5. Educational assistance or plans to the employee and/or his direct dependents.

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Title I
Working Conditions and Rest Periods

Chapter 1


Article 82. Coverage. The provision of this Title shall apply to employees in all establishments and undertakings, whether for profit or not, but not to government employees, managerial employees, field personnel, members of the family of the employer who are dependent on him for support, domestic helpers, persons in the personal service of another and workers who are paid by results as determined by the Secretary of Labor and Employment in appropriate regulations.

As used herein, "managerial employees" refers to those whose primary duty consists of the management of the establishment in which they are employed or of a department or subdivision thereof, and to other officers or members of the managerial staff.

"Field personnel" refers to non-agricultural employees who regularly perform their duties away from the principal place of business or branch office of the employer and whose actual hours of work in the field cannot be determined with reasonable certainty.

Article 83. Normal hours of work. The normal hours of work of any employee shall not exceed eight in a day.

Health personnel in cities or municipalities with a population of at least one million or in hospitals or clinics with a bed capacity of at least one hundred shall hold regular office hours for eight hours a day, for five days a week, or a total of forty hours a week, exclusive of time for meals, except where the exigencies of the service require that such personnel work for six days, forty-eight hours, in which case they shall be entitled to an additional compensation of at least 30 percent of their regular wage for work on the sixth day. For purposes of this Article, "health personnel" shall include: resident physicians, nurses, nutritionists, dieticians, pharmacists, social workers, laboratory technicians, paramedical technicians, psychologists, midwives, attendants and all other hospital or clinic personnel.

Article 84. Hours worked. Hours worked shall include (a) all time during which an employee is required to be on duty or to be at a prescribed workplace, and (b) all time during which an employee is suffered or permitted to work.

Rest periods of short duration during working hours shall be counted as hours worked.

Article 85. Meal periods. Subject to such regulations as the Secretary of Labor and Employment may prescribe, it shall be the duty of every employer to give his employees not less than sixty minutes time-off for their regular meals.

Article 86. Night shift differential. Every employee shall be paid a night shift differential of not less than ten percent of his regular wage for each hour of work performed between ten o'clock in the evening and six o'clock in the morning.

Article 87. Overtime work. Work may be performed beyond eight hours a day provided that the employee is paid for the overtime work an additional compensation equivalent to his regular wage plus at least twenty-five percent thereof. Work performed beyond eight hours on a holiday or rest day shall be paid an additional compensation equivalent to the rate for the first eight hours on a holiday or rest day plus at least 30 percent thereof.

Article 88. Undertime not offset be overtime. Undertime work on any particular day shall not be offset by overtime work on any other day. Permission given to the employee to go on leave on some other day of the week shall not exempt the employer from paying the additional compensation required in this Chapter.

Article 89. Emergency overtime work. Any employee may be required by the employer to perform overtime work in any of the following cases:

(a) When the country is at war or when any other national or local emergency has been declared by Congress or the Chief Executive;

(b) When it is necessary to prevent loss of life or property or in case of imminent danger to public safety due to an actual or impending emergency in the locality caused by serious accidents, fire, flood, typhoon, earthquake, epidemic or other disaster or calamity;

(c) When there is urgent work to be performed on machines, installation or equipment, in order to avoid serious loss or damage to the employer or some other cause of similar nature;

(d) When the work is necessary to prevent loss or damage to perishable goods;

(e) Where the completion or continuation of the work started before the 8th hour is necessary to prevent serious obstruction or prejudice to the business or operations of the employer.

Any employee required to render overtime work under this Article shall be paid the additional compensation required in this Chapter.

Article 90. Computation of additional compensation. For purposes of computing overtime and other additional remuneration as required by this Chapter, the "regular wage" of an employee shall include the cash wage only, without deduction on account of facilities provided by the employer.

Chapter 2

Article 91. Right to weekly rest day. (a) It shall be the duty of every employer, whether operating for profit or not, to provide each of his employees a rest period of not less than twenty-four consecutive hours after every six consecutive normal work days.

(b) The employer shall determine and schedule the weekly rest day of his employees, subject to collective agreement and to such rules and regulations as the Secretary of Labor and Employment may provide. However, the employer shall respect the preference of employees as to their weekly rest day when such preference is based on religious grounds.

Article 92. When employer may require work on a rest day. The employer may require his employees to work on any day:

(a) In case of actual or impending emergencies caused by serious accidents, fire, flood, typhoon, earthquake, epidemic or other disaster or calamity to prevent loss of life and property or imminent danger to public safety;

(b) In case of urgent work to be performed on the machinery, equipment or installation to avoid serious loss which the employer would otherwise suffer;

(c) In the event of abnormal pressure of work due to special circumstances, where the employer cannot ordinarily be expected to resort to other measures;

(d) To prevent loss or damage to perishable goods;

(e) Where the nature of the work requires continuous operations and the stoppage of work may result in irreparable injury or loss to the employer; and

(f) Under other circumstances analogous or similar to the foregoing as determined by the Secretary of Labor and Employment.

Article 93. Compensation for rest day, Sunday or holiday work. (a) Where an employee is made or permitted to work on his scheduled rest day, he shall be paid an additional compensation of at least 30 percent of his regular wage. An employee shall be entitled to such additional compensation for work performed on Sunday only when it is his established rest day.

(b) When the nature of the work of the employee is such that he has no regular workdays and no regular rest days can be scheduled, he shall be paid an additional compensation of at least 30 percent of his regular wage for work performed on Sundays and holidays.

(c) Work performed on any special holiday shall be paid an additional compensation of at least 30 percent of the regular wage of the employee. Where such holiday work falls on the employee's scheduled rest day, he shall be entitled to an additional compensation of at least 50 percent of his regular wage.

(d) Where the collective bargaining agreement or other applicable employment contract stipulates the payment of a higher premium pay than that prescribed under this Article, the employer shall pay such higher rate.

Chapter 3

Article 94. Right to holiday pay. (a) Every worker shall be paid his regular daily wage during regular holidays, except in retail and service establishment regularly employing less than ten workers;

(b) The employer may require an employee to work on any holiday but such employee shall be paid a compensation equivalent to twice his regular rate; and

(c) As used in this Article, "holiday" includes: New Year's Day, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, the ninth of April, the first of May, the twelfth of June, last Sunday of August, first of November, the thirtieth of November, the twenty-fifth and the thirtieth of December, thirty-first of December, and the day designated by law for holding a general election.

Article 95. Right to service incentive leave. (a) Every employee who has rendered at least one year of service shall be entitled to a yearly service incentive leave of five days with pay.

(b) This provision shall not apply to those who are already enjoying the benefit herein provided, those enjoying vacation leave with pay at least five days and those employed in establishments regularly employing less than ten employees or in establishments exempted from granting this benefit by the Secretary of Labor after considering the viability or financial condition of such establishment.

(c) The grant of benefit in excess of that provided herein shall not be made a subject of arbitration or any court or administrative action.

Article 96. Service charges. All service charges collected by hotels, restaurants and similar establishments shall be distributed at the rate of 85 percent for all covered employees and 15 percent for management. The share of the employees shall be equally distributed among them. In case the service charge is abolished, the share of the covered employees shall be integrated into their wages.

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Service Incentive Leave



The basis of the grant of Service Incentive Leave to qualified employees is found in Article 95 (Book Three, Title I) of the Labor Code.

Section 2, Rule V, Book III of the Omnibus Rules contains the rules and regulations for the implementation this right.

Employees entitled to SIL

Every employee (subject to the exceptions below) who has rendered at least one year of service is entitled to yearly service incentive leave of five days with pay.

“At least one year of service” Meaning

The term “at least one-year service” means service for not less than 12 months, whether continuous or broken.

The 12-month period shall be reckoned from the date the employee started working, including authorized absences and paid regular holidays.

However, where the operation of the establishment as a matter of practice or policy, or that provided in the employment contract, is less than 12 months, such period shall be considered as one year.

Employees not covered

The following employees are excluded from entitlement to SIL under the Labor Code (but they may be entitled to the same or similar benefits if so provided under other laws, or collective bargaining agreement or employment contract):

  1. Those of the government and any of its political subdivisions, including government-owned and controlled corporations;
  2. Domestic helpers and persons in the personal service of another;
  3. Managerial employees as defined in Book Three of the Labor Code;
  4. Field personnel and other employees whose performance is unsupervised by the employer including those who are engaged on task or contract basis, purely commission basis, or those who are paid a fixed amount for performing work irrespective of the time consumed in the performance thereof;
  5. Those who are already enjoying the benefit herein provided;
  6. Those enjoying vacation leave with pay of at least five days; and
  7. Those employed in establishments regularly employing less than ten employees. (Omnibus Rules)

Manner of availment

The service incentive leave may be used for sick and vacation leave purposes. And, at the end of the year, the unused SIL may be commuted to cash.

Commutability to cash

Under the Omnibus Rules, the unused service incentive leave is commutable to its money equivalent at the end of the year. [N.B. Not found in the LC.]

Accumulation of Leave Credits

Instead of using up SIL, the employee may accumulate it and opt for its commutation to cash upon his resignation or separation from employment.

Computation of SIL

In computing SIL, the basis shall be the salary rate at the date of commutation. The availment and commutation of this benefit may be on a pro rata basis. (DOLE Handbook)


An employee was hired on January 1, 1997, and resigned on March 1, 1998. Assuming he has not used or commuted any of his SIL credits, he is entitled upon his resignation to the commutation of his accumulated SIL as follows:

SIL earned as of Dec. 31, 1997 = 5 days
Proportionate SIL for Jan. and Feb. 1998 = (2/12) x 5 days = 0.833 day
Total as of March 1, 1998 = 5.833 days

Part-time Workers

Are part-time workers entitled to the full five days SIL, or should the entitlement be on pro-rata basis? Part-time workers are entitled to full five days SIL. (BWC Advisory Opinion)

The reason is that the Labor Code speaks of number of months worked in a year, not number of hours worked in a day, as basis for entitlement.

Vacation and Sick leave

The Labor Code treats vacation leave and sick leave under the same category as Service Incentive Leave or leave with pay.

Thus, the grant of vacation or sick leave with pay of at least five days may be credited as compliance with SIL. For example, if a company is giving its employees 15 days vacation leave, five days of which is with pay, the five-days paid vacation leave may be credited as SIL.


  1. Petitioner CIT claimed that teachers are not entitled to SIL because they are engaged by the school on contractual basis. The claim was not sustained. It was held that the phrase “those who are engaged on task or contract basis” as mentioned in the Omnibus Rules should be read in relation to “field personnel”. Teachers, not being field personnel, are entitled to SIL. (CIT vs. Ople, 1987.)
  2. Applying Article 291 of the Labor Code in light of this peculiarity of the service incentive leave, we can conclude that the three (3)-year prescriptive period commences, not at the end of the year when the employee becomes entitled to the commutation of his service incentive leave, but from the time when the employer refuses to pay its monetary equivalent after demand of commutation or upon termination of the employee’s services, as the case may be. (Auto Bus Transport, Inc. vs. Bautista, 2005)
  3. Petitioner’s contention that respondent is not entitled to the grant of service incentive leave just because he was paid on purely commission basis is misplaced. What must be ascertained in order to resolve the issue of propriety of the grant of service incentive leave to respondent is whether or not he is a field personnel. (Auto Bus Transport, Inc. vs. Bautista, 2005)
  4. Exemptions. To claim exemption from payment of service incentive leave pay, it is the employer’s duty to prove that it is covered under the exemption. Thus, where the employer claims that the employee is not entitled to service incentive leave pay inasmuch as establishment employing less than ten (10) employees are exempted from paying service incentive leave pay, it has the duty to prove that there were less than ten employees in the company. (C. Planas Commercial, et al. vs. NLRC, G.R. No. 144619, November 11, 2005.)

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Lakbay-Aral sa Sintang Paaralang PUP


Gaano man kaliit o kalaki ang ekwelahang papasukan mo, talagang mangangapa ka sa umpisa. At sa mga mata ng nauna na sa'yo doon, alam nilang bago ka. Pwedeng dahil sa damit na suot mo, sa kilos mo, sa mga dala mo, kung saan ka nakatambay o sadyang alam lang nila kasi napandaanan na nila iyon.

Pamantasang inaabot ng Umaga ang Pila - hindi na ata mahihiwalay ang mga salitang iyan sa Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Mula sa pag-aasikaso sa enrollment, hanggang sa maka-graduate ka, yan ang dadanasin mo. Iyan ang unang itatanim mo sa utak mo kung gusto mong mag-aral sa PUP. Huwag ka nang magugulat kung ang pila para lang magbayad ng tuition fee ay aabot hanggang 5th floor. Sadyang ganoon kadami ang mga estudyante na nag-aaral dito, mantakin mong sa kursong tinapos ko, ang populasyon namin ay pwede nang bumuo ng isang Pamantasan. Pero kung talagang dadaanin sa tyaga, matatapos mo yan ng isang araw. At siguraduhin mong ang pinipilahan mo ang tamang pila.

Lipana na din ang mga mag-aaral na dinadaan sa daya ang pila, kaya alerto ka din, wag ka papalamang.
  • Merong pipila dyan na isa o dalawang tao at kapag malapit na sa cashier, magdadatingan na ang buong klase nila.
  • May dadaang kakilala iyong nakapila at biglang magkakakwentuhan sila, hanggang sa malaman mong sumisingit na pala sa pila ung isa.
  • May makikiusap sa'yo na pasingitin ang kaibigan nila, ikaw pa ang tatarayan.
  • Bobolahin kang kailangan nilang mauna dahil sa mga rasong ikaw na humusga kung kapani-paniwala.
Pananamit. Simple lang manamit ang mga estudyante dito. Kaya kapag first year ka, halatang halata lalo kung pa-impress ka. Pwedeng magtsinelas, mag-shorts, magsando, long sleeves, pantalon, t-shirt, palda o kung ano pang gustuhin mo. Pero ikaw, ano ba dapat at tamang suotin kapag pumapasok? ☺ Wag lang OA.

Kung walang tyaga, walang nilaga. Bawal ang tamad. Bawal ang late. Bawal ang petics. Bawal ang pasaway. Bawal ang magreklamo sa professor. Bawal sumali sa mga organizations sa school. Bawal ang hindi seryoso. - Bawal daw, pero hindi kumpleto ang Kolehiyo kung wala yang mga yan. Pero nasa iyo kung saan ka magpapadala sa mga gagawin at pipiliin mo.

Organizations. Kakapasok mo pa lang ng gate sa Mabini Campus, sasalubungin ka na ng iba't ibang org. member/s. Payo lang, maging mabusisi sa layunin ng mga samahang ito. Wag makuntento sa sinasabi lang sa'yo - magtanong ka, magmasid at kumalap ng impormasyon - huwag basta-basta mahihikayat sa nadidinig lang.

Tambayan. Hindi lahat ng lugar sa loob ng campus ay pwede mong tambayan. MAGBASA KA! Hindi naman delikado, pero mas magandang alam mo kung hanggang saan ka lang pwede. Mas okay nang alam mong hindi ka lumalaspas sa teritoryo ng iba. Dahil nagkalat ang mga organisasyon, nagkalat din ang mga pwesto nila.

Pylon. Hindi lapida ang makikita mo sa gate, mukha lang, pero hindi. Si Pylon yan - ang PUP marmol. At maniwala ka sa akin, buhay na marmol yan.

The Catalyst. Maging updated sa loob ng campus. Wag mahiyang kumuha ng dyaryong pinaghirapan ng kapwa mo Isko/Iska. Marami kang malalaman sa iilang pahinang yan.

Mabini Campus. Hindi kailangang kabisaduhin ang iba't ibang parte ng campus. Dahil sa paglipas ng ilang araw, malalaman mo na din yan ng kusa.

Ninoy Aquino Learning Resources Center. Yan ang ating Library. Pumasok ka para magkalaman. Kung gusto mo ng sample ng mga thesis, ito ang best place. Andito din ang Bulwagang Balagtas.

Amphitheatre. Tabi lang ito ng lagoon. May mga event na dito ginaganap.

Linear Park. Masisilayan mo ang Ilog Pasig doon. Sa likod ito ng Charlie Building.
Charlie Building. Andyan ang Guidance Office.
Chapel. Tapat ng North wing Odd numbers.
Admin. / Cashier. South Wing.

Wag mo ding palalampasin ang dumaan sa spiral/dome. Paborito naming doon dumaan lalo't hindi pa late.

Hindi lang sa College n'yo pwedeng magrent ng projector, meron din sa Coop.

Masarap tumambay sa 6th floor, North wing. Pero kapag maulan, best spot ang East wing lalo sa 4th floor.

Wag malito. North, East, West, South Wing lang ang direksiyon ng building sa Mabini Campus. At bawat wing, odd at even yan.

Kapag ang nasa Regi form mo TBA ang room, ibig sabihin non, maghanap na kayo ng room na forever vacant sa oras ng subject n'yong yon. Para hindi kayo maghahanapan tuwing dapat nagle-lesson na kayo. Marami sa 5th floor.

Ang Claro M. Rect Hall ay wala sa NALRC, nasa Main Building lang yon. 6th floor. South Wing.

Hindi lang sa Open field at Gym pwedeng mag-P.E., pwedeng sa CEA. (College of Engineering and Architecture). Kung hindi ka naman tamad, pwede mo nang lakarin 'yon galing Mabini Campus. Pag labas, kaliwa, diretso.

Maraming masasarap na kainan sa Teresa - ang kalyeng nilalakad mo mula court hanggang gate ng Unibersidad. Isa don ay ang Garden. Pero kung hanap mo masarap na siomai, sa Papus ka kumaen. Kung masarap na shake naman at lechong kawali, sa foodcourt ka pumunta. Kainan iyon bago ang V.Francisco Street. Winner ang mangga ni Manong na nakapwesto sa tapat ng water station. Babalik balikan mo naman ang lamig ng buko juice sa may kanto ng Teresa, pagkatapos mong kumaen ng yummy na isaw sa tabing pwesto nito. Pagkatawid mo ng riles, masarap naman ang sizzling na tinitinda doon, right side ng kalye. At ngayon, marami nang mga bagong bukas doon na patok talaga. Pero kung tinatamad kang lumabas, masasarap at abot-kaya ang bilihin sa North Wing. Sulit ang buy one take one burger ni Ga at fruit shake ni Ganda. Kilalanin niyo sila. Sa East Wing, bandang dulo, marami ding masasarap na ulam ang tinitinda doon.

Computer rental, xerox, calculator rental, scan, print, school supplies - pwede nang hindi ka na lumabas. Lahat nyan meron sa West Wing. Suki kami ni Ate May dyan.

Pisong tubig? Pwede yan sa ATM (Automated Tubig Machine).

Kada buwan, minsan linggo, mayroong nagdiriwang ng College Week. Kaya kung sino man ang may klase ng 8 ng umaga, wag na manibago sa ingay ng mga estudyante. Bawi ka na lang sa Week ninyo. Posibleng isang linggong walang pasok, puro activities lang. Sumali kayo. Kung hindi naman, suportahan mo ang mga kaklase mong sasali. Parang bestfriend ko, taga nood at taga-tili. HAHAHA.

Alam mo ba kung saan ang
PUP Annex? Sa SM Sta. Mesa. Kaya masanay kang sumakay ng patok. Ang mga jeep na sasabog sa lakas ng volume sa pagpapatugtog at parang walang bukas kung magmaneho ang mga tsuper. Bawal ang sabit, titilapon ka. Lalo ang byaheng Stop n Shop - Cubao. Bawal din magkwentuhan, hindi kayo magkakarinigan. :p

Isa sa mga nagpakumpleto ng pagiging batang Teresa ko ay ang pagsakay sa trolley. Yan ang sasakyan papuntang Pandacan. Imagine kung may kasalubong kang tren tapos nataong nasa bandang ilog ang trolley. Ang saya..

Wag kang mabibigla sa mga nakapaskil na paghihimutok ng ibang estudyante. Normal lang yan. Freedom Wall ang buong dingding ng building. LOL. Mayroong pang Black Friday o Walk-out Day. Ikaw ang bahala kung sasama ka o hindi. Masanay ka na din sa mga nagra-rally na umiikot muna sa bawat Wing ng building. Bandwagon. Wag mo silang huhusgahan, may malalim silang dahilan. At may mga dahilan din silang talagang pinag-aralan. Respeto lang.

Videoke. Kung ayaw n'yo nang lumayo, meron lang sa Teresa. V.Francisco Street, kanang side kung galing kang PUP. :) Meron din naman sa Pureza, sa may El Capitan.
Note: Wag matuksong mag-vandal doon, malalaman ng buong school na nag-session at nag-videoke kayo. :P

Wag nang tumambay sa 6th floor at lagoon kapag gabi na. Baka makasaksi ka ng live show. o.O Tsaka madaming lamok, baka magka-dengue ka!

Pylon Run. Tuwing October yan. May tumatakbong nakahubad (Parang sa UP). At sa apat na October ko sa PUP, hindi ako nakanood. HAHA! Sayang.

Kung 7am ang unang klase mo at sa 6th floor ka, goodluck! ☺ Mawawalan ka ng glamour sa pagpanhik. Wag mo nang tangkaing mag-elevator! Exercise! :)

Kung may add subject/s ka, asikasuhin agad ang ACE Form. Bawal ang mabagal, baka maubusan ng slot.

Aircon-tinous ang PUP. Kaya magdala kang pamaypay. Presko kung sa West Wing ang klase mo.

Ferry. May station ng ferry sa PUP.

Marami ng bago ngayon sa Sintang Paaralan, may Great Wall na na hindi na namin naabutan. Oo, mas maganda na ngayon, in short. Pero sa mga bagong salta, pare-parehas lang naman ang pinagdadaanan. Wish ko lang, maging Professor n'yo sa ObliCon si Atty.Melchor, si Sir Sebastian sa History at Lit., si Sir Gutierrez sa Logic at ang mga iba pang magagaling sa larangan ng pagtuturo. ☺☺☺ At wag n'yo akong isusumpa pagkatapos.

Pamantasang Utak ang Puhunan.

Pataasan ng Utak Pababaab ng tuition!

Iskolar ng Bayan!

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15 February 2012

Happy Valentine's D


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14 February 2012

Estudyante song:


Pasukan na naman oh kay tulin ng araw,
Pasukan na naman tila bakasyon kelan lang,
Ngayon ay pasukan dapat pasalamatan,
Ngayon ay pasukan tayo ay magawitan..

Baon na namang muli,
Tanging baon nating pinakamimithi..

Baon na namang muli,
Ang allowance naghahari!!

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Naaalala ko noong nagpunta kami sa mall para bumili ng isang pares ng sapatos. Sa tinagal-tagal ng pamimili ko, nahirapan talaga akong mamili ng sapatos na gusto ko talaga. Hanggang sa may nakita na nga akong sapatos na nakaagaw ng pansin ko.

Maganda. Mukhang matibay. Japorms.

Dali-dali kong pinuntahan yon at kinuha. Makalipas ang ilang sandali, sinubukan ko nang isukat yon. Nung isinusukat ko na, masikip, maliit, at masakit sa paa. Sinubukan kong pilit na pagkasyahin sa akin dahil yun ang sapatos na gusto ko talaga.

Sa pagpupumilit kong pagkasyahin ang sapatos na yon ay napagod rin ako. Hanggang sa narealize ko ang isang bagay:

Matuto tayong makuntento.

“Marami pang iba sa paligid ang hindi natin napapansin. Nagbubulag-bulagan lang tayo sa mga bagay na akala natin ay maganda. Huwag nating ipilit ang mga bagay na hindi nilikha para sa atin. Yun kasi kadalasan ang dahilan kung bakit tayo nasasaktan.”

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No more talkin' .. Just expressing !


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Happy Valentine's day everyone !! Love .. Love .. Love .. I love you Bheib :))

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