29 November 2010

AKIN LANG ANG TRONONG ITO (This throne it mine)


By: Jocelle Osana G. Dela Cruz

In life, there are things we have that no matter what happen we’re not gonna let anything nor anyone take it away from us;. We even do anything and everything just to hold on those things, it’s either because it makes us happy or because we get something out of it… and who’s good on this craft??? Of course a politician!!

A politician would take all the risk and win all the chances just to gain popularity and obviously to possess power that would put them on the top of the pedestal. And that’s the reason why there is a rampant dynasty not only in the Philippines but all over the world.

Well, I’m not really familiar with the entire political dynasty here in our country but there’s this clan that really capture my attention. I don’t know if it really is a dynasty because their family has been in the power for almost six decades or should I call it a legacy because they put a new definition to the word dynasty.

What I’m talking about is the Joson Clan of Nueva Ecija. Their political control in Nueva Ecija started when Eduardo L. “Tatang” Joson founded their provincial political party –BALANE (Bagong Lakas ng Nueva Ecija)in 1987, and serve his term as a governor from 1965-1992. Woaw! That’s already 27 years!! Novo Ecijaños must have loved him that much for letting him served that long. I remember my mom telling me how good Tatang was (Well, as you must know, my family’s province is Nueva Ecija). “Nako! Kapag si tatang ang tumatakbo kahit walang campaign paraphernalia, nanalo sya! Tao pa nga ang nangangampanya para sa kanya eh!” –my mom boastfully described.

When Tatang Joson died in 1992, his son Eduardo Tomas “Tommy” Noriel Joson succeeded his term and run for gubernatorial election. Tommy served the land of Nueva Ecija from 1992-2007

Joson Clan continued its political control over the place when Eduardo Nonato “Edno” Noriel Joson became a Representative of the 1st District of Nueva Ecija and his brother Mariano Cristino “Boyet” Noriel Joson was elected as Mayor of Quezon, Nueva Ecija and as Vice Governor from 2004-2007. Another Joson –Eduardo Danding Joson is a former Vice Mayor of Cabanatuan City from 1986-1990. The legacy doesn’t stop around the circle of the full-blooded Josons because Josie Manuel-Joson, wife of Boyet also became a Congresswoman of 1st District of Nueva Ecija.

The magic continues when Edward Thomas Filart-Joson, grandson of tatang try his luck and won the Vice gubernatorial election last 2007. One more Joson won as Mayor of Quezon, Nueva Ecija.

As you can see, there is no denying that Joson really have something in them. I kept asking myself what it could be. Are they like mushroom that pops from nowhere? I don’t know. I have no idea!! But as I continue searching for the answer, I end up having 7M’s in my mind that must have been the reason on how families build a POLITICAL DYNASTY. Well, I’m not saying that the Joson used this tactics but maybe somehow they did.

So, here’s my list of 7M’s- an ingredient to a successful political dynasty:

1. Money

The most successful families are those able to establish business empires not solely dependent on government largesse. They must also be competent enough to run these businesses well, allowing their members to survive electoral defeat and political ignominy.

In Landlords and Capitalists, political scientist Temario Rivera found that 87 families controlled the top 120 manufacturing companies from 1964-1986. Sixteen of these families — about 20 percent of the total — were involved in politics. Most of them were members of the landowning elite that emerged during the 19th century, including the Aranetas, the Cojuangcos, the Jacintos, the Madrigals, and the Yulos. "Through government influence," writes Rivera, "landed capitalists caused the diversion of state resources to traditional elite economic activities like sugar and coconut milling, limiting further industrial diversification."

Not all political families, however, are fabulously wealthy. Some are able to win elections by relying more on popularity, name recall, and political networks rather than money.

2. Machine

Elections require the mobilization of people and resources to ensure that votes are cast and counted in a candidate's favor. A congressman's political machine typically includes a network of lider at the village or barangay level, either the barangay captain, council member, or an influential person, such as a successful local entrepreneur or the head of a community organization.

These lider in turn mobilize a network of campaigners for the candidate. The campaigners will put up posters and streamers and conduct house-to-house visits, reminding voters of the candidate's good deeds. The lider may also get favors done for the villagers (such as help for a baptism or a burial), and if necessary, transport them to the places where they register and vote.

The lider get paid for their work — often in cash, but also in kind. In some cases, the lider get regular monthly allowances from the congressional payroll and the funds that representatives are given for their district offices. Incumbents have the advantage, because they can use the resources of their office to bankroll the cost of maintaining a lider network. A candidate's organization also needs to recruit pollwatchers (at least one per precinct) and ensure that they are briefed, transported to the polling centers, fed while they are there, and paid for their efforts. The organization needs to have paymasters — sometimes these are also the lider — who dispense money to voters, election watchers, and often, also the schoolteachers who man the polls.

3. Media or Movies

This is a recent addition to the arsenal of weapons available for dynasty building. Since the 1990s, celebrity power has been able to eclipse clan power, at least in some areas. This has left many families scrambling for the glitter and glamour of media or showbiz if only to heighten their electoral appeal. In the past, politicians merely hired entertainers to draw in the crowds: Today the entertainers themselves are running for office, shaking the complacency of political families and forcing them to reinvent themselves to be more acceptable to a media-inundated and celebrity-crazed electorate.

Those who were already media or movie celebrities before entering politics have a decided advantage as far as name recall is concerned. They can then leverage this asset to ensure they and their kin hold on to public office. Thus, showbiz dynasties have emerged. These, however, have been more successful in their bids for national, rather than local or district, office. In part, this is because name recall is of paramount importance when vying for national positions, while money and machinery often matter more in local or district elections. The more successful showbiz clans, though, have been able to win both national and local posts.

The most prominent among them are the Ejercitos: Movie star Joseph Estrada was a long-time San Juan mayor before being elected to the Senate in 1987 and to the presidency in 1998. Soon after his ouster in 2001, his wife Luisa or 'Loi' won a Senate seat and his son (by another woman) Jose Victor or 'JV' became San Juan mayor. In 2004, eldest son (by Loi) Jose or 'Jinggoy' was also elected senator, resulting in the Senate's first time to have a mother-and-son tandem.

Those who do not have direct access to media and celebrity make do with ensuring they get good media coverage. This is especially true for those who come from urbanized districts whose constituents are more thoroughly exposed to the media than those in the rural areas. This is also true for those whose ambitions go beyond their districts or beyond the House of Representatives and so need national exposure via the media so they can vie for higher office.

4. Marriage

In medieval times, marriages were used to consolidate kingdoms and expand empires. In the same way, political marriages consolidate political networks and expand the reach of clans. The marriage of Benigno Aquino Jr. and Corazon Cojuangco in 1954 united two of the most powerful political clans in Tarlac. That same year, Ilocos Sur Rep. Ferdinand Marcos wed Imelda Romualdez after a whirlwind 11-day courtship. It was considered a master political stroke for the ambitious Marcos, as the Romualdez clan was influential in Congress-Imelda's cousin Daniel was then Speaker pro tempore and her uncle Norberto was once House Speaker. For a politician like Marcos — who had presidential ambitions and already had support from the Ilocano-speaking provinces of Northern Luzon — a Visayan bride, especially a looker like Imelda who came from a political clan in a part of the country where he had little influence, was an invaluable asset.

Of late, however, some of the clans have married into celebrity. This is because celebrities bring in the vote, and the appeal of a family name is enhanced by the glitter of showbiz.

5. Murder and Mayhem

The importance of political violence in dynasty building is exemplified by the saga of the Singsons of Ilocos Sur, which shows how an upstart family can wrest control of a political and economic bailiwick through violence. In 1970, Luis 'Chavit' Singson allegedly killed his uncle, strongman Floro Crisologo, to become, up to now, the undisputed boss of Ilocos Sur.

Violence is rooted in the political and economic geography of a political territory. Some clans had to resort to violence to assert and maintain their control. In other places, though, violence was not a requisite for political domination.

6. Myth

Again, Ferdinand Marcos comes to mind, if only because he was so adept at the tactics of establishing political hegemony. Marcos built his career by projecting himself as a World War II hero who formed Maharlika, a 9,200-strong band of anti-Japanese guerrillas that staged daring raids and sabotage operations in northern Luzon. The young Ferdinand was supposedly such a daredevil operator that he got 32 medals for his valiant efforts during the war. In 1947, as war hero, he was appointed to the Philippine Veterans Commission to lobby in the U.S. for better benefits for war veterans. In 1949, he ran for Congress in Ilocos Sur, again projecting his wartime heroism to heighten his electoral appeal. The emptiness of all his claims was exposed only in the 1980s: The war medals were fake and Maharlika never really existed.

Marcos, therefore, shows both the heights — and the limits — of mythmaking.

A potent myth can sustain a political family for several generations, but only as long as the family attempts to live up to some part of that myth. Up to the last, even when he was very weak from lupus and undergoing dialysis, Marcos tried to project the myth of potency and invincibility, of the big, powerful man who would lead his country to greatness.

Also enduring is the myth of "Erap para sa mahirap," which was largely responsible for making Estrada president. Although his lifestyle was one of bacchanalian excess, Estrada's movies had projected him as a man of the masses, and voters initially remained clueless about the dissonance between his private life and his public image. But even after his excesses had been exposed, the Estrada myth remained compelling to many poor Filipinos. His wife and sons are woefully charisma-challenged and they had not been publicly projected as protectors of the poor, but they have won elections because they are seen as Estrada's political surrogates.

The media, of course, are an important arena for the manufacture and dissemination of myth. Increasingly, voters make their choices based on the images they see on television. This is where news anchors have the edge. On television, they look intelligent, credible, and authoritative, even when they are merely reading from a text written by others. It is the projection that is important, and it is for this reason that Loren Legarda and Noli de Castro topped the senatorial races in 1998 and 2001, respectively.

7. Mergers (Alliances)

Political families who support the winning presidential candidate can expect to be rewarded after the elections. The presidential system is one of spoils: The president can appoint his or her choices to more than 6,000 positions in the bureaucracy. Traditionally these are given out to political supporters. Being a presidential ally also means access to government loans, contracts, and other benefits. This is why political families pool their resources to support presidential candidates.

Among contemporary politicians, Danding Cojuangco is among the most adept at building alliances. Since founding the Nationalist People's Coalition as a vehicle for his presidency, Cojuangco has nurtured and consolidated the NPC. Seeing the devastating impact of family feuds on the Cojuangco family fortunes, his branch of the family has also reached a rapprochement with his cousin Cory Aquino's branch. In 2001, they did not field candidates against each other. Instead Benigno 'Noynoy' Aquino III held on to his post as representative of the second district, while the NPC got Tarlac's two other seats: Danding's nephew Gilbert Teodoro for the first district and Noynoy's uncle Jesli A. Lapus for the third.

Cojuangco's contribution to dynasty building is conflict avoidance within the clan. He did this by conceding the second district of Tarlac to his cousins. He also got out of the Cojuangco tribal ground and carved out new districts for his sons: the fifth district of Pangasinan for Marcos or 'Mark,' and the fourth district of Negros Occidental for Carlos or 'Charlie.'

Not all political families can do this, of course. Cojuangco succeeded only because of the geographical spread of his formidable business interests. He runs the Northern Cement Corp. in Pangasinan and owns at least 3,000 hectares of land in Negros Occidental. Rather than dissipating resources in a debilitating family feud, he simply expanded his political influence so there would be enough to go around.

See how a politician will do anything just to remain powerful?! Maybe, Ai-ai Delas Alas is right... “Akin lang ang tronong ito kasi ako ang naghirap sa pag-buo nito”

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25 November 2010

J ♥ J


You ar
e the one who makes me happy
When everything else turns to gray
Yours is the voice that wakes me mornings
And sends me out into the day
You are the crowd that sits quiet
Listening to me
And all the mad sense that i make

You are one of the few things worth remembering
And since it's all true
How could anyone mean more to me than you

Sorry if sometimes i look past you
There's no one beyond your eyes
Inside my head wheels are turning
Hey, sometimes I'm not so wise
You are my heart and my soul my inspiration
Just like the old love song goes

You are one of the few things worth remembering
And since it's all true
How could anyone mean more to me than you

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So many people say that you won’t amount to anything, you won’t make it, you won’t succeed- unless you’re on your own. But those people forget the heroes standing behind them- the unsung warriors- the brave fighters and peacemakers- who make life what it is. These people are friends, compadres, and even the chums- add the vibrancy and color to this world that is otherwise a monotone black and white. These people- who no matter what is wrong and what they are doing, support you every step of the way and hold you up when you’re falling.

Ladies and gentlemen, never forget these people watching you, guarding you through life’s hardships. They will be your light, your happiness to guide you through this never ending darkness. If soon forgotten, the marks- and sometimes even the scars- these people cast on your heart will still exist, though their reasoning may be lost. Everyone you meet- every single person impacts you in some way, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem at the time. Then there are those people- the special people to touch your heart- who leave marks so big or so deep on your soul, that you could never forget their mark no matter how much you try. These people will hold the greatest impact on your life and whose presence will stick with through all times. There marks aid to characterize who you are and how your life will go.

These heroes will be able to tell you what’s wrong, even though you may not know it yourself. The look in your eyes- they see through your lies, even if they blind you. You can tell them you’re fine- straight face lie- and they’ll see straight through it. You can’t fool them, can’t trick them- they know you too well. Don’t even try it- it’s not worth the effort.

They are your sunshine, your hope, your light. You can’t let them extinguish or you’ll extinguish yourself. You need them to hold you together- to hold your seams together while you’re breaking apart. They’ll hold you when you break down and cry. They’ll share your pain- no matter rough it may be or how much you hurt. These fighters just want to bring your pain to a halt and make sure no matter what- you’ll be okay.

They will listen to your problems, and give advice when you can’t find it in your own heart- even when the truth may not be what you want to hear. They’ll do anything- no matter how silly and crude- just to make you smile.

Your flaws are embraced- these amigos know you aren’t perfect. They’ll accept you for who you are- even if they disagree with who you are or what you do.

You can call them- any time of day- rain or shine- just to have someone to talk to, to cry to.

They will take you out and treat you, just to make sure you’re fed and well.

These warriors become your everything and consume what you thought life was.

Please, remember these everyday heroes who have done so much for your life. They are here for you- they would even die for you- how could you even begin to toss them away? Something so simple that becomes to embody something even greater- something that almost seems not human. These kind creatures- uncaring about themselves and more forgiving than even the earth itself- are what make life special and worth living. The earth needs the sun to light up its surface, just as we need the friends and family who are watching our backs. Please, I beg of you, don’t let this earthly wonder slip you by. Embrace the ones you love, and who love you. Don’t let that soft flame extinguish. Hold it and protect it from the impending storm. Who knows when you’ll need these heroes later, or when they’ll need you- but no matter what, don’t let the true miracles that have come into your life slip away.

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OLITICS is like our Facebook account… messy, noisy, full of gossip and gossiper, full of news and newscaster and sometimes scandalous. But if you try to look on what is not visible on your wall, you’ll see that there’s more in it. Something interesting…

I am just student and do not have any big accomplishment and so to believe me is an optional. This isjust an opinion only on what my eyes see and what my ears hear.

There are four things about politics that with my not-so-many years of existing on Earth I found interesting.

First, politics is where you can find happiness, knowing that there are lots of people who strive hard because according to them they want to serve you with all their hearts. SOooo flattering…! Set aside reality and imagine them doing your nails while singing “Ako’y alipin mo kahit hindi batid.. aaminin ko minsan ako’y manhid..”

Secondly, in politics you can meet a savior! When you’re planning to start a business and you don’t have capital or when you’re soooo poor that principle is only what you have, wait for the election… Saviors are everywhere!

Thirdly, I and my friend whose name is Kookie agreed on the best solution for the overpopulation here in our country… Let’s have an election every six months and hope for more Ampatuans!

Lastly, politics is a passion arena. Every politician considered to be passionate. And the most passionate wins. Long ago, former President Fidel V. Ramos proved how passionate he was. How? Let’s first set aside all his accomplishments, all the things he has done for country and of course all the criticisms about him when he was still our president and then try to dig on some things before. I don’t know him personally but with the actions he has done I think we can figure out something interesting…

According to history here in the internet Ramos with Enrile were hailed as hero by many Filipinos for their decision to breakaway in Marcos administration. But it was also said that Ramos was accused of human rights for his role in declaration of Martial Law during Marcos time. Very interesting! Maybe Ramos shares the same passion with Marcos before that’s why he was with the administration that declares such Martial Law. And when the time came that Marcos was on the edge of the cliff, Ramos decided to turn back and did the heroic thing. His burning desire to serve our country continued under the late Aquino’s administration. He became the chief-of –staff of AFP and later became the Secretary of National Defense.

And this being passionate of Ramos does not in there. Not so long ago Ramos used to be in LDP (Laban ng Demokratikong Pilipino) before. But when the party nominated Ramon Mitra Jr. of Palawan as nominee for the presidency during 1999 National Elections Ramos decided to leave the party. With enough passion that he had, he formed his own political party which was Partido Lakas ng Tao. He ran for presidency and eventually won and became our 12th president. The rest was history…

Whether their motives for being that passionate are good or bad… Whatever their reasons and purposes for wanting to become leaders of our land… Or how much they claim that they had the best vision and best plan for our country… One thing is proven based on what I can see on what they’re doing. Survival in politics is the basis of their loyalty. Some will leave their political party and joined to what they think is more powerful. Some will leave and form new one. Then time will come that they will unite and later will divide again. Anyway, eh anu nga bang pakialam naten?! There are lot of issues and problems here in our country that we should give more importance and attention. I just hope that our leaders will not be affected even they do not belong on the same party when they start to work in our government, do their jobs, and toil for the success of our most beloved country.

Oh how I wish they really care for us… :C I know that conscience today is not that in anymore… But I’m still hoping and believing… I know time will come that everything will be okay… that something MORE interesting will pop in our Facebook account… :D

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When your mother met your father, there were you. When you met school, there was education. When there is the problem, there is the solution and when the boy meets the girl, there is love. (Except when it is your ex-girl friend that broke up with you because you ditched her, normally you’ll get a big slap on the face. Don’t assume you’re going to get you’re happy ending :P .) Normally, this is the situation that we used to know. The normal cases that we’ve or we will encounter in our daily living in what we called life. We already used to it. But, what about with SEX and POLITICS? Hmmm a sound like two different things isn’t it? Normally, when we talk about the word SEX, some people will freak out and say “what the hell are you saying?” or maybe like this “ oh, poor child, you shouldn’t hear that word till you on the right age, WHEN YOU’RE FOURTY TWO” or even worst is “ what!! What do you say!! You should be afraid what you’re saying! For that, pray 25 times of aba ginoong maria and 50 times of Ama namin.” (I’m just exaggerating situations hehe) and we usually hear the word POLITICS when there is election. (Define election: A time for people to earn some money (you know from what), A time of promises (PROMISES = PURO MISS hehe) and a time for the people to exercise their right to elected some people that are qualified enough to govern them. (If the price is right hehe). But have you ever wondered how this two things go together side by side? No idea? Here some of the offspring of the union of this words. These are some politician has caught when their pants are down (literally).

Who can ever forget the classic LEWINSKY-CLINTON SCANDAL emerging from a sexual relationship between United States President Bill Clinton and a then 22-year-old White House intern, Monica Lewinsky. The news of this extra-marital affair and the resulting investigation eventually led to the impeachment of President Clinton in 1998 by the U.S. House of Representatives and his subsequent acquittal on all impeachment charges of perjury and obstruction of justice in a 21-day Senate trial.

The scandal was hot delivered on January 17, 1998. Of course, as we know it, they try to denied it until one of the co-worker of Monica secretly recorded the telephone conversation of Lewinsky and Clinton ( as I mention on earlier) Luckily for him, his wife, Hillary Clinton stayed to his side throughout the impeachment trial of her husband.

Another classic is PRESIDENT THOMAS JEFFERSON AND HIS SLAVE SARAH HEMMINGS SCANDAL. Sarah “Sally” Hemings was a mixed race slave owned by the third President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson. She was said to be the half-sister of Jefferson’s wife, Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson. Journalists and others alleged during and after Jefferson’s presidency that he may have fathered several children with Hemings after his wife’s death, but few historians credited the allegation. However, new analysis of the historical data, bolstered by 1998 DNA testing that indicated that a male in Jefferson’s line was the father of at least one of Sally Hemings’s children, led to a re-ignition of the debate.

Of course, like what other politicians will do, they president Jefferson had denied it. Actually, Jefferson never commented on this issue publicly.

In 1974, its WILBUR MILLS-FANNE FOXE SCANDAL” turns to be in the lime light. Fanne Foxe was a dancer best known for being involved in a 1974 sex scandal surrounding Arkansas Congressman Wilbur Mills, in what is reputed to be one of the most reported political sex scandals of the 1970s. She is in the Time Magazine list of Top 10 Mistresses, and on the Bloomberg list of top 10 U.S sex scandals. (Wow, what an achievement)

At 2 a.m. Oct. 9, 1974, Mills would see the beginning of the end of his political career. While driving home from a party with Foxe and two friends, Mills was pulled over with his headlights out in West Potomac Park. Police found Mills with his glasses broken and his face bleeding after he’d gotten into a scuffle with Foxe. In true dramatic fashion, Foxe burst from the car and threw herself in the Tidal Basin in the park. Police pulled her out and sent her to the hospital, where doctors called it an insincere suicide attempt. Despite the scandal, Mills won reelection the next month with 60% of the vote. But after continuing to appear with Foxe, and even holding a drunken press conference in her dressing room at one point, Mills lost the respect of his colleagues and his powerful chairmanship of the Ways and Means Committee.

Just when we thought that we could learn from the past, from 2007 to 2008, two from republicans and one form democrats again, has bite the dust. In 2007, Louisiana Sen. David Vitter, whose telephone number was disclosed by the so-called “D.C. Madam” accused of running a prostitution ring, says he is sorry for a “serious sin” and that he has already made peace with his wife. Mr. Vitter, a family man, confessed sin and promised to be better but the consequence of the gutsy move is he became the butt of ribald jokes here in Louisiana. 2007 was also the year of Larry Craig, an Idaho Republican, pleads guilty to disorderly conduct in a men’s room and a police officer testifies he was soliciting sex. As a result of the controversy surrounding his arrest, subsequent guilty plea, and pressure from his fellow Republicans, Senator Craig announced his intention to resign from the Senate at a news conference on September 1, which was to become effective on September 30. After failing to withdraw his guilty plea, on October 4, Craig released a statement refusing to resign as senator for Idaho. And the last one is in 2008, when New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer apologizes and resigns after a report that he was involved in a prostitution ring. The Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal began on March 10, 2008, when The New York Times reported that Democratic New York Governor Eliot Spitzer had patronized a prostitution service called Emperors Club VIP. This ultimately led him to announce his resignation as governor on March 12, effective March 17.

That’s a bunch of result when we combined the SEX with the POLITICS. What was the moral lesson? Don’t get caught hehe just joking. Seriously, in concerned with the facts that has been said, it is very indeed alarming that the case of sex political scandal was increasing and it is very sad to think that our leaders that promulgate the peace and order in our country and should be the role model has become the talk of the because of their wrong deed and the laughing butt of his countrymen. I’m not saying they should be perfect and become god on their own. Of course they’re also people capable of making mistake. What I’m just saying is that when you know your responsibility, do it well and when you know your mistake, take responsibility of it. I just hope that the next batch of our next leader will do well or even best.

“For the first time in history, sex is more dangerous than the cigarette afterward.” ~Jay Leno

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24 November 2010



I have always loved to see
Your appeal that transcends through me

Struck by your enduring beauty

You captured my heart and forever you will be

You painted the world after a heavy rain

You have given me hope in my every pain

A glimpse of heaven, you are in the sky

My optimism in every sigh

Soon this illusion will disappear
This mirage is bound to leave

But whatever may be

Always, you will be in my fantasy

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23 November 2010



ehem !! acu po c jocelle osana guardian dela cruz . pero mas kilala co ng mga friends co as "jhaycee" . at ung mga super close co larn ang bnbgyan co ng authorization para twagin acong "osana" haha ! sa totoo larn , mrami ung mei ayaw xaken . well , "we can not please everyone" mxado daw kxe acong prangka at maingay ..

they call it :
MISBEHAVIOR i call it : MYSELF cguro nga di aco prpekto at hndi co rin naman un hnahangad , mxaya na co kung cno at ano aco sa mga mata ng mga taong lubos na nkakakilala xaken . and besides , hindi co klangan mging mganda sa pningin ng kung cno-cno , i'm just being myself .. - just being TRUE !! and their opinion is just my option ..

i love my imperfections dhl kaxe sa mga un , nlalaman co kung cno lang tlaga ung totoong ngmamahal at namamalasakit xaken . mdali naman acong kaibiganin kaxe hndi naman aco mpiling kaibigan , bxata nkakaride ca sa mga trip co, friends na teo .

friends ?
mdami aco nun ! they're my treasure and i really can't imagine myself living without them ..

love ?
im definitely happy with that aspect . well simply because i've finally found MY BETTER HALF . without HIM , i'm incomplete . he makes me happy xD he makes me sad :( and he's the only person who can make my heart beat faster and slower at the same time . and my only prayer is to be with him for the rest of my life .

dreams ?
i have a lot of it .. minxan nga naiicp co , kaya co kayang mtupad lahat ng mga un ? i really dream of being a LAWYER .. xempre di bxta-bxtang LAWYER .. gusto co BAR-PASSER ! yahoo !! parang npakadali larn eh nuh ?! now a days , pmapaxok narn sa icp co eung pgpaxok sa pulitika .. nakakaloka ! para kcng gxto co ring manggaling xaken ung PAGBABAGO .. pero pnaka pangarap co eung mbgyan ng mginhawang buhay ung pamilya co , kahit galing kame sa mgulong komunidad , umaasa prn aco na di pa huli lahat .

at xempre pangarap
co ring bumuo ng pamilya na pghuhugutan co ng lakas at inspirasyon para mgpatuloy sa hamon ng buhay , gxto co ring i-share sa knila lahat ng pghihirapan co . pang-MMK na . ayan ah , mxado neu na cong kilala . hope u know me better now .

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22 November 2010



By: Mark Raymund M. Bustarde

Hey there readers! Would you mind if I ask you something? Have you ever been in a situation where you are given a chance to become a soothsayer? Well in my case, I do but only for this, so don’t be too harsh on expecting that these events will occur accordingly. Sue me, haha. Seriously my dear readers, after the last May 2010 elections my mind went bizarre and before I knew it, I was somehow predicting what could possibly happen in the 2013 elections or to state it properly, by forecasting it. After some series of fortunate and unfortunate events within the last election, the Filipino people had some different (and quite amusing) reactions with regards to new and not-so-new certain issues (automated election, election fraud/cheating, and the usual stuff) and so yours truly became curious on what’s gonna happen in the future.

As people have their different opinions, they tend to react on what’s happening around them, especially if it is against on their views. Take for example the automated election last May. There are those who are in favor of it, prompting that it was convenient, fast, and transparent. But there are also those who are against it and said that as it was automated, chances are the cheating will also be automated too. High-tech isn’t it? Haha. But nonetheless the election pushed through amid the different opinions of people. But if you’re going to ask me, your “seer” for a moment, the 2013 elections would be automated nevertheless. How? I’ve seen it; kidding! Well look readers, with what have we seen in the May 2010 elections the clamor or demand for automation of elections can be widely seen, and I think even with the said glitches in the PCOS machines that involved those said pre-scanned and pre-counted CF (compact flash) cards, COMELEC would still lean on automation.

One matter that I’m primarily concerned is not with the technical aspect of the machines, but the same stuff everybody hate in elections and that is cheating. In the past elections we can never be assured that cheating never existed, and the 2013 elections is no exemption so I assure you that there will always be anomalies regarding dagdag-bawas schemes and so on. Manual voting for 2013 elections will totally be phased out although we can never be sure that there is no cheating in automation, it happens sporadically while massive cheating can be found on manual election, it is lesser evil so to speak. The bottom-line here my dear readers is that the problem then was credibility, and the problem now up to the future would still be credibility. As what is stated in an ad: “Guns don’t kill, people do” well I can say that in 2013 “machines don’t cheat, people do”.

With regards to the candidates my dear readers, there is the deeming possibility for Atty. Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro to run for Senator in the 2013 elections. Although he stated that he also wanted to enjoy his private life, the impact that Gibo made when he was campaigning for the Presidential Elections had attracted young minds and even the old ones too. You may ask again what are his chances of winning, well I can say that he have some guts, and people knew his track record as they saw it in the 2010 presidential elections. But one aspect that I’m looking at is that he’s a kin to Pres. Noynoy as we knew that they are family related. If people would consider that, then Gibo’s chances of being elected would shoot up. Heck, he may even be at the 13th spot and will be joining the others in the Senate. He’s still young and I positively think that the Senate would be the perfect place wherein could put his policies instead in Malacañang. Also, chances are many other candidates may jump off, land, and eventually run under the Liberal Party as it was the party wherein the victor of the 2010 presidential elections, Pres. Noynoy Aquino, had been their official candidate.

Lastly my readers, for the localities, we could see that the 2013 election will push through even though we could clearly see some signs of hostilities because as you know that traditionally, baranggay and SK elections tend to be more violent compared to presidential and national since the candidates and their supporters live in the same area where they regularly meet. As you know, even the slightest friction between supporters could lead to fistfights or worst, gun-attacks or grenade throwing. But nevertheless, these tend to be isolated cases so we could also expect that the elections for baranggay and SK would be generally peaceful. The only thing that is thoroughly becoming a nuisance in my eye (yeah! I’m sick of it) is the rampant vote-buying and illegal campaigning. I mean how could we expect these youths to become an upright politician should they intend to run for a higher post? It is rampant as if there’s nothing special about it; they should shape up, and change for good or else, our future politicians might become worst than their predecessors.

“Its hard to determine how the future would be so the best way to forecast future is to create it”.

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20 November 2010



By: Danica Jhocel C. Manicad

Politics! Government! People! State! Nation!

Some people may not have a scrupulous understanding with regards to these things. Yet most of us have always been keen observers in terms of politics and government especially with the diverse scenarios of the Philippine regime up to this present time. Even if, one is in or out of this kind of humanity, being drawn in these issues and scenarios is out-of-hand. Definitely, for the past 3 years of my student life, I was completely clueless of what learning politics is all about, what are the things to be understood and to be grasped, and how does this circle of terms affects the people. Then and then, I came to realize that it’s a commensalism relationship- one benefited while the other is unaffected. Most of the time, the state can’t feel the good effect of politics. They can’t even feel the good result of electing such official in that position. On the contrary, most officials gain loads of benefits from their position.

Further, the political nature of the Philippines has always been dependent to those political parties. These parties have always been on the top. Having a multi-party system in the Philippines connotes the participation and existence of different bodies of people or group organized for the purpose of influencing the policies and conduct of government administration. These parties have their own stand on certain issues of the government. Such political parties are the Lakas, Nationalistas, and Liberals etc. They have their own diversity yet amidst this, they have the existence of uniformity as well.

Taking into example is the Lakas party as the ruling and current administration political party in the Philippines. The Lakas-CMD (Lakas-Christian Muslim Democrats) which was formed by former President Fidel V. Ramos along side with former Cebu Governor Emilio Mario R. Osmeña. The said political party was formed out of two parties, the Partido Lakas ng Tao (People Power Party) and the National Union of Christian Democrats (NUCD). Later on, it was consolidated with United Muslim Democrats of the Philippines (UMDP). And for a span time the party was merged to Kabalikat ng Mamamayang Pilipino (KAMPI) which was the ruling party of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. With this, issues were brought up between the political party members. Such issues or internal conflicts are the resignation of former House Speaker Jose de Venecia as the President of Lakas-CMD and having rejected the proposition to be the Chairman-emeritus of the party by former Pres. Fidel V. Ramos because of the involvement of his son, Joey de Venecia III, in the NBN-ZTE deal scandal which was a direct accusation for the first family; the objection of former President Fidel V. Ramos and former House Speaker Jose de Venecia for the said merging of Lakas and KAMPI; and the resignation of former Presidential Candidate Atty. Gilbert “GIBO” Teodoro Jr. as the Lakas-KAMPI-CMD chairman.

The involvement of former House Speaker JDV’s son, Joey de Venecia III, led for the former to resign in his position as the president of the party and I think it is very much acceptable and notable because he has kept his principle. He knows how to weigh what is right from what is wrong. He has that intellectual mind to think and to decide for himself, his family and his political ideology. Leaving the administration party for his own sake.

And as what Speaker Nograles had said, “What is important is not what Lakas will decide. To me what is more important is what De Venecia will have to decide for himself. As much as possible, I do not want the party to decide for him but he should decide for himself what to do,” -Philippine Inquirer.

The matter of objection which was exercised by former Pres. Fidel V. Ramos and former House Speaker Jose de Venecia for the Lakas-KAMPI alliance has been the top issue because it paved way for the members to have such diversity though they are in one political party. The different aspects of ideas had come into view. Battle of wits and unlike opinions dominated the party.

Lastly, another resignation of presidency in Lakas-KAMPI-CMD by former Presidential bet Atty. Gilbert “GIBO” Teodoro Jr.

“Effective immediately, I am resigning as chairman of our party to focus all my efforts campaigning for the presidency of the country as the official candidate of Lakas-Kampi-CMD.” –GIBO; Phil. Inquirer

This matter paved way for the very concern of Atty. Teodoro for his own advocacy and concrete ideas and policies for the country. And having been decided and sacrificed his position the Lakas-KAMPI-CMD political party still he remained one of the members and proponent of the Lakas.

Moreover, these issues that had emerged from the party have its pros and cons: on the positive side, these scenarios proved how political parties affect the person, specifically the political advocates, allowing him to decide in his own with such ideologies and sharp decisions also for his own sake. However, these issues showed that even though you’re in same side or same color, still you’re of different opinions and mind set. Though you’re uniform in body, diversity in personalities and intellectual ability can still make a change.

“Men share power. Men differ about what is to be done. The differences matter. This necessitates that government decisions and actions result from a political process. In this process, one group committed to a course of action sometimes triumphs over other groups fighting for other alternatives. Equally often, however, different groups pulling in different directions produce a result, or a better resultant – a mixture of conflicting preferences and unequal power of various individuals – distinct from wha5t any person or group intended. In both cases, what moves the chess pieces is not simply the reasons that support the course of action, or the routines of organizations that enact an alternative, but the power and skill of proponents and the opponents of the action in question.”

– Graham Allison

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A Profound Role of Money in Politics


By: Michael John Niño Pluma

Every Filipino has the right to vote and be voted according to our Philippine Constitution, as long as you are qualified for that given position. But this is more on the imaginary type of our Constitution. Because in reality, ordinary people like me and those who belong to the “lower class of society” cannot run for any position that he or she wants to, even in the lowest government position, as long as you don’t have the resources to sustain your candidacy. And what are these resources? Well even though we don’t admit it, and even though it is very obvious, money is one of the most needed resources when we talk about politics. No matter how good looking you are, how smart you are, how charismatic you are, if you don’t have money you can never be qualified, although the COMELEC do not broadcast it, on any position especially when we are talking about the National position and Election.

2010 Presidential election is said to be the most expensive election in the Philippine history. For the past decades, Philippine elections rely heavily on manual tallying and canvassing of votes which makes it vulnerable to control. To prevent manipulation of interest, the government introduced the automated electoral system or the use of Precinct Count Optical Scan or PCOS machines to facilitate counting. Which cost P11 billion to the Philippine government, not to mention that the COMELEC rented those machines only for May 2010 Presidential election.

In connection with this too much spending of money, there are some candidates who spent if not billion almost billions of peso last presidential election. Even though, for a presidential election, candidate’s maximum campaign expenditures should only be P500 million or P10 per voter, this ratio is based on the approximately 50 million registered voter as of 2010, his or her political party can add P5 per voter or P250 million pesos only. This is really a lot of money. It can even help thousands of less fortunate Filipinos.

Political candidates spent their money on different campaign activities such as: TV advertisements, Radio, Print Ad and other electoral paraphernalia, that they think could help them to gain trust from the public. Based on Pera at Pulitika 2010 (PaP) the net total spending on television, radio and print ads by the national candidates and party-list groups alone amounted to P4.3 billion across the 90-day official campaign period from February 9 to May 8, 2010. This expense was too huge compared to the previous electoral expenditures.

Of the P4.3 billion, the top five candidates for president spent P1.1 billion, the candidates for senator another P1.5 billion, four candidates for vice president P653 million, and party-list groups P597 million. Omnibus ads” of the political parties for multiple candidates amounted to P297 million, and “tandem ads” for candidates for president and vice president, another P131 million.

Aside from this, running candidates for local positions altogether spent P162 million on print and broadcast ads during the two months that they were allowed to campaign.

According to the computations of NEDA-NPPS, the spending of the national government and all the candidates both local and national the estimated total expenditures for the May 2010 elections reached P15 billion. This includes Comelec’s budget for locally-funded projects under the 2010 General Appropriations Act (GAA), notably the FY (fiscal year) 2010 automated national and local elections and FY 2010 overseas absentee voting.

The total amount of money spent on the 2010 National election,

NEDA says, “Could contribute 0.39 percentage points to real gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate this year.”

By comparison, expenditures during the 2007 polls contributed 0.34 percentage points to the GDP that year.

With this we can conclude that the spending of money of our politicians including our government is too huge and need to be addressed properly. It is really inappropriate to spend too much money during an election when people are suffering from poverty. This amount of money can help a lot of people, being a public servant does not necessarily mean that you should be a government official or be on the position in order to help the people. Unless you are aiming for something that will benefited your own interests.

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