31 January 2012

What I will be in 2012...


Putting up an expectation is actually not a good idea for anyone for it will hurt severely once we ended up not meeting our expectations. Many are afraid to list their own list about this matter... I am not! So here's the list of what I should be and should have in 2012:

1. Pass the PUP College of Law Entrance Test (PASSED!)

There's a saying that goes like this : "Make your PASSION your PROFESSION" so I took the PUP College of Law Entrance Test (written and oral) and last January 28, 2012 they revealed the result and thank GOD !! I PASSED IT ! And Yes! My Mom's so proud of me :))

2. My first Valentine with my significant other...

Our relationship started last May 2011 and this will be our first time to celebrate Valentine's day together. So, I am expecting to have this love season with him and probably I'll also be expecting something romantic from him (cummon' girls, we all expect this) hahaha!

3. Be regularized!

This coming February 29 will be the date of my regularization (hopefully) here in Spicus. This is my second job as an Online English Teacher or ESL Tutor as they call it. I know that working in this kind of industry is not really as stable a other field but I can't see anything bad in this career so I'm still hoping to continue.

4. Pass all my subjects!
This semester I must say is one of the hardest part of College life. This is like a test not only of knowledge... not only of guts... but also the test of flexibility. Restless days and sleepless nights for our examinations every meeting! To God be the Glory!

5. Lose some weight :)) Seriously!

I have to achieve my summer-ready body back!! I noticed that I gained weight after the festive season last year and my goal is to have my smokin' hot body back! I still have two months to make it happen :))

6. Rock the Graduation March!!

I want to look dazzling on my graduation march so others won't feel we experience"hagardo versoza" moments.

7. Start my first class in Law School with a BANG!!!

I don't want to look nerdy nor out-of-control on the first day of my class in Law school, I just want to look respectable yet approachable so my new classmates will not make a wrong impression out of me :))

*** that will be all for now but i still have a lot to expect ^^


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