04 September 2012

Naging paborito mo rin ba ang Totally Spies


Grabe ! Reminiscing mode na naman ako ..
Naalala ko lang nung bata ako , excited akong umuwi agad sa bahay pagkatapos mag-simba .
9am ata to nung pinalabas sa ABS-CBN eh !

Di ko na maalala lahat ng character basta alam ko may laging kaaway si Clover dahil sa lalake . Si Ms. Popular ata yun ah basta yun na yun ! Baka ikaw , kilala mo yun :))

Anyway, hindi na ko magpapanggap ... ang paborito ko sa kanila ay si Sam .. She's so me !
No need to elaborate .. basta pakiramdam ko may similarities kame ^^ You guess !
Sa totoo lang kapag may napapanuod kaming ng mga kapatid ko na palabas na may tatlong babaeng bida lagi namin ini-imagine na kame yun parang Charlie's Angels !
Si Ate Lira si Cameron Diaz .. Si Sigrid (bunsong babae namin) si Drew Barrymore at syempre ang inyong lingkod ay ang chinitang si Lucy Liu :)) Anong connect ? Mlamang ako si Sam , ate ko si Clover at si Alex naman si Sigrid (morena rin kasi sya)

Para tulungan tayong alamin maigi ang mga impormasyong bumabalot sa Totally Spies .. konsultahin naten si Pareng Google :))

Ayon kay Wikipedia:

Totally Spies! features the adventures and missions of three teenage spies (SamAlex and Clover
led by the founder and administrator of WOOHP,Jerry

Totally Spies! is a Franco-Canadian sitcom produced by the French company Marathon Production
Production began in 2001; in 2008 the show ran its fifth season. 
movie based on the show aired in France on July 22, 2009. In December 2011, 
it was announced that a sixth season is currently in production and is scheduled to air in 2013.



Samantha "Sam" – Sam has long, wavy red hair. She has emerald green eyes that match her spy outfit. She is the most intelligent, responsible and practical of the girls; she is serious, worries a lot and loves sports. She likes reading a good book along with being an outdoors kind of girl. Her favorite colors are green and purple according to episode "The Granny". She can play the accordion (her ability was taken from, then returned to her in "Scam Camp, Much?"). 

Clover –  She has medium-short blonde hair with blue eyes. She wears a red catsuit. Clover is a boy-crazy, shopaholic, only slightly conceited, fashion fanatic. She always knows the latest trends and always makes sure she looks good. Mandy is her rival. Their constant fighting about the simplest things is a source of comic relief in the show. She goes through many boys in the show, and she cares deeply about fashion and designer paraphernalia. 

Alexandra "Alex" – Alex has light brown eyes and short black hair styled in a bob.  Alex's spy outfit is yellow-orange. Despite her clumsiness when it comes to gadgets, Alex excels in athletics — particularly in soccer, her favorite sport. She is funny and always there for her friends. Though she is somewhat of a tomboy compared to Clover and Sam, Alex is just as eager when it comes to fashion and boys. She has a toy turtle named Ollie, who she identifies as her "bestest friend". Her favorite color is yellow as it said a two-part episode adventure called, "Like, So Totally Not Spies". 

Gerald "Jerry" Lewis – He is the founder and administrator of W.O.O.H.P. (World Organization of Human Protection). He is a middle-aged, very serious. He finds means of transporting the girls to their headquarters (even if it upsets them - they get their vengeance on him in a set of episodes about their trip to France when he is transported), briefs them on their missions, distributes their gadgets and provides mission support with information or direct involvement. He often annoys the girls with his attitude and constant missions but when in danger the girls are there to help. It is also known that he has trouble keeping his spy identity a secret from his nosy mother, who has only been mentioned a few times in the season. Sam, Clover and Alex once noted that they don't listen to anyone but Jerry and usually they don't even listen to him, but they all love him.

Mandy – She is the trio's rival at school and has long black hair and violet eyes. Being the model of the "popular teenager" stereotype, she is shown to be stylish, popular and hot (at least in her own opinion), while others see her as unpleasant. Her mother, Phoebe, is given a different personality in each episode, but her appearance remains the same. She also has a high and squeaky voice with a nasal laugh. Mandy even became a spy at one point, donning a purple spysuit, but quit when she was overwhelmed with the difficulty. Her two friends Dominique and Caitlin follow her around almost constantly.

David – He is a desirable guy in whom all three of the girls (as well as their nemesis, Mandy) are romantically interested. He was introduced in the episode "It's How You Play The Game". He loves the arts: guitar playing, poetry, painting, etc. He also has a love of nature and history. He has loose, brown hair and tanned skin. He mainly appeared in Season 2 and only appeared once in Season 4

Britney – In Seasons 2–3, Britney was a minor but important character. Britney was, at the time, the newest recruit to the team and was introduced in the episode "Alex Quits". 
Britney was of Asian descent and wore a blue spy outfit

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