24 October 2012

Bye boring hair ! Hello perky hair !


Goodbye to my long , brown , curly and totally damaged hair ...
I've had this long hairstyle since God knows when .. not the waves coz I just had them early this year to help me save time . You know what I mean, do you?
Instead of brushing your hair for 100th times before going to bed of combing your hair 'til the tips, you can just leave your curly hair as it is and no one will know that you haven't even touched it.

For a change, and not because I'm broken-hearted...
I decided to have my hair cut short... really short!
I've been having this thought since last month but I only had enough courage to say goodbye to my play-safe hair yesterday.

So, here you go .. Criticisms are always welcome but be cautious for the comeback ! *kidding*


You might be wondering where I had my haircut done so here's some pictures of the process ..

Before the whole process, I first ask Ate Doris (the fabulous hairstylist) to take a picture of my hair before the entire hair makeover process .. I know ! It's really too long to let go but I had to :((

I was really having a second thought so I tried to consult Ate Doris if it will match the shape of my face or if I will look old or chubby but little did I know, she was already in the process of trimming my hair!!
Shocks! I really freaked out! But when my hair bounced back after the last cut,  I saw that it looks good on me and that's the only time I calm myself and start loving the whole innovation.

I was thinking of donating my hair to the cancer victims but I realized, My hair is not so pleasing to wear not to mention ithat it's totally damaged so I just took the last picture of it. Caio!

See? I told you! I'm starting to love the changes...

This is the ever-game to pose Ate Doris :)) Smize ^^

Thank you Ate Doris of CUT Encarnacion Group of Salon in PUP Sta. Mesa 
for this nicely done hair ^^ 
So long long, brown, damaged, curly hair :)))))

Oh ! By the way, just after two weeks of having a shoulder-leve hair, 
I asked my becky friend to cut it shorter to make it look more fierce ...
So here's the latest look:

I'm just wonderin' do you like it ?

Coz I love it !

So, which do you like the most ??
I prefer the latest one ^^ Lookin' so fab !

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Fleur said...

:c: ganda mo teh

Al said...

mukha kang baby kagigil:d:

Anonymous said...


ChinShii said...

Kala mo naman kinaganda mo yan. Napaka jejemon mo. Nagfefeeling. Hayy naku

מעצבת שיער בפתח תקווה רמת גן said...

You have gorgeous hair I love it!

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