25 November 2010



OLITICS is like our Facebook account… messy, noisy, full of gossip and gossiper, full of news and newscaster and sometimes scandalous. But if you try to look on what is not visible on your wall, you’ll see that there’s more in it. Something interesting…

I am just student and do not have any big accomplishment and so to believe me is an optional. This isjust an opinion only on what my eyes see and what my ears hear.

There are four things about politics that with my not-so-many years of existing on Earth I found interesting.

First, politics is where you can find happiness, knowing that there are lots of people who strive hard because according to them they want to serve you with all their hearts. SOooo flattering…! Set aside reality and imagine them doing your nails while singing “Ako’y alipin mo kahit hindi batid.. aaminin ko minsan ako’y manhid..”

Secondly, in politics you can meet a savior! When you’re planning to start a business and you don’t have capital or when you’re soooo poor that principle is only what you have, wait for the election… Saviors are everywhere!

Thirdly, I and my friend whose name is Kookie agreed on the best solution for the overpopulation here in our country… Let’s have an election every six months and hope for more Ampatuans!

Lastly, politics is a passion arena. Every politician considered to be passionate. And the most passionate wins. Long ago, former President Fidel V. Ramos proved how passionate he was. How? Let’s first set aside all his accomplishments, all the things he has done for country and of course all the criticisms about him when he was still our president and then try to dig on some things before. I don’t know him personally but with the actions he has done I think we can figure out something interesting…

According to history here in the internet Ramos with Enrile were hailed as hero by many Filipinos for their decision to breakaway in Marcos administration. But it was also said that Ramos was accused of human rights for his role in declaration of Martial Law during Marcos time. Very interesting! Maybe Ramos shares the same passion with Marcos before that’s why he was with the administration that declares such Martial Law. And when the time came that Marcos was on the edge of the cliff, Ramos decided to turn back and did the heroic thing. His burning desire to serve our country continued under the late Aquino’s administration. He became the chief-of –staff of AFP and later became the Secretary of National Defense.

And this being passionate of Ramos does not in there. Not so long ago Ramos used to be in LDP (Laban ng Demokratikong Pilipino) before. But when the party nominated Ramon Mitra Jr. of Palawan as nominee for the presidency during 1999 National Elections Ramos decided to leave the party. With enough passion that he had, he formed his own political party which was Partido Lakas ng Tao. He ran for presidency and eventually won and became our 12th president. The rest was history…

Whether their motives for being that passionate are good or bad… Whatever their reasons and purposes for wanting to become leaders of our land… Or how much they claim that they had the best vision and best plan for our country… One thing is proven based on what I can see on what they’re doing. Survival in politics is the basis of their loyalty. Some will leave their political party and joined to what they think is more powerful. Some will leave and form new one. Then time will come that they will unite and later will divide again. Anyway, eh anu nga bang pakialam naten?! There are lot of issues and problems here in our country that we should give more importance and attention. I just hope that our leaders will not be affected even they do not belong on the same party when they start to work in our government, do their jobs, and toil for the success of our most beloved country.

Oh how I wish they really care for us… :C I know that conscience today is not that in anymore… But I’m still hoping and believing… I know time will come that everything will be okay… that something MORE interesting will pop in our Facebook account… :D


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