22 November 2010



By: Mark Raymund M. Bustarde

Hey there readers! Would you mind if I ask you something? Have you ever been in a situation where you are given a chance to become a soothsayer? Well in my case, I do but only for this, so don’t be too harsh on expecting that these events will occur accordingly. Sue me, haha. Seriously my dear readers, after the last May 2010 elections my mind went bizarre and before I knew it, I was somehow predicting what could possibly happen in the 2013 elections or to state it properly, by forecasting it. After some series of fortunate and unfortunate events within the last election, the Filipino people had some different (and quite amusing) reactions with regards to new and not-so-new certain issues (automated election, election fraud/cheating, and the usual stuff) and so yours truly became curious on what’s gonna happen in the future.

As people have their different opinions, they tend to react on what’s happening around them, especially if it is against on their views. Take for example the automated election last May. There are those who are in favor of it, prompting that it was convenient, fast, and transparent. But there are also those who are against it and said that as it was automated, chances are the cheating will also be automated too. High-tech isn’t it? Haha. But nonetheless the election pushed through amid the different opinions of people. But if you’re going to ask me, your “seer” for a moment, the 2013 elections would be automated nevertheless. How? I’ve seen it; kidding! Well look readers, with what have we seen in the May 2010 elections the clamor or demand for automation of elections can be widely seen, and I think even with the said glitches in the PCOS machines that involved those said pre-scanned and pre-counted CF (compact flash) cards, COMELEC would still lean on automation.

One matter that I’m primarily concerned is not with the technical aspect of the machines, but the same stuff everybody hate in elections and that is cheating. In the past elections we can never be assured that cheating never existed, and the 2013 elections is no exemption so I assure you that there will always be anomalies regarding dagdag-bawas schemes and so on. Manual voting for 2013 elections will totally be phased out although we can never be sure that there is no cheating in automation, it happens sporadically while massive cheating can be found on manual election, it is lesser evil so to speak. The bottom-line here my dear readers is that the problem then was credibility, and the problem now up to the future would still be credibility. As what is stated in an ad: “Guns don’t kill, people do” well I can say that in 2013 “machines don’t cheat, people do”.

With regards to the candidates my dear readers, there is the deeming possibility for Atty. Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro to run for Senator in the 2013 elections. Although he stated that he also wanted to enjoy his private life, the impact that Gibo made when he was campaigning for the Presidential Elections had attracted young minds and even the old ones too. You may ask again what are his chances of winning, well I can say that he have some guts, and people knew his track record as they saw it in the 2010 presidential elections. But one aspect that I’m looking at is that he’s a kin to Pres. Noynoy as we knew that they are family related. If people would consider that, then Gibo’s chances of being elected would shoot up. Heck, he may even be at the 13th spot and will be joining the others in the Senate. He’s still young and I positively think that the Senate would be the perfect place wherein could put his policies instead in MalacaƱang. Also, chances are many other candidates may jump off, land, and eventually run under the Liberal Party as it was the party wherein the victor of the 2010 presidential elections, Pres. Noynoy Aquino, had been their official candidate.

Lastly my readers, for the localities, we could see that the 2013 election will push through even though we could clearly see some signs of hostilities because as you know that traditionally, baranggay and SK elections tend to be more violent compared to presidential and national since the candidates and their supporters live in the same area where they regularly meet. As you know, even the slightest friction between supporters could lead to fistfights or worst, gun-attacks or grenade throwing. But nevertheless, these tend to be isolated cases so we could also expect that the elections for baranggay and SK would be generally peaceful. The only thing that is thoroughly becoming a nuisance in my eye (yeah! I’m sick of it) is the rampant vote-buying and illegal campaigning. I mean how could we expect these youths to become an upright politician should they intend to run for a higher post? It is rampant as if there’s nothing special about it; they should shape up, and change for good or else, our future politicians might become worst than their predecessors.

“Its hard to determine how the future would be so the best way to forecast future is to create it”.


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