29 May 2012

Big Rock Farm Resort Rocks!


I am not a travel blogger nor a travel adviser but my experience last Friday is truly a must blog thing !
Me and my boyfriend's friend (well , they are also my friends) decided to earn money by giving 10 pesos a day since April so that we can have a summer outing altogether. 
Actually the original plan is to go to Boracay de Cavite but then things change coz we have babies so it will not be safe to travel and go to the beach with these little cuties . 

Upon surfing the net, Ate Bullet saw a very interesting place in San Rafael, Bulacan and the resort's name is Big Rock Farm Resort so she googled more pictures from the gallery and voila ! it really is a hidden paradise.
It's actually very cheap coz all you have to pay is PHP100 for a day-time swimming from 6am-5pm but you can compare the place to Amana Waterpark coz it has lots of life-size statues too for children to enjoy!

Another good thing about this place is that there is no corkage so we brought our own food and cook them there! And ofcourse outings will never be fun without some alcohol good thing it's allowed so we got tipsy (i just got 1 shot .. swear !)

Here are some scraps from Google :

too bad I haven't uploaded our own pictures but don't worry I'll post them with this soon ..

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