22 May 2012

I'm now a Lookbook User


I really love fashion!
It doesn't show with my clothes but I really do!!
Maybe I just prefer being comfortable over being fashionable :)

I may not have that skinny bods to be a model but no one can stop me from posing specially for my Amateur Photographer/Boyfriend Mamark of JMDeGuzman|Photography ^^

I'm fierce enough to face the lens of a camera and I think that would be enough for now to proclaim myself a frustrated model ..

Being a frustrated model I am , I decided to sign up in LOOKBOOK ..
Books of Looks .. hahaha !

I really can't help but drool over the clothes I get to see here 
but the sad part is not having even 1 fan here ?
So mean !
hahaha ! anyway , I just signed up last May 7 .. 
Maybe after a month of being updated I'll soon get "A FAN"


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