13 August 2012

Isn't it inspiring to inspire ?


This is how my friend/co-worker/featured blogger blog looks like:

Click on the link to follow her :)

 Her post owing people her "McArthur" peg from writing and of course blogging.

Yours truly was a special mention here ! 
Yeah baby! I'm The Legally Bluntyah know !
This is actually the first time that someone posted something mentioning me. 
Awwww :))))))

Di ko maintindihan yung Japanese chuva sa dulo . Sabe ata thank you ^^
Di ba Arigato yun ?!
Hahahaha !

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Anonymous said...

May featured blogger ka na? Parang magbablog na rin yata ako.

Yvonne Torres said...

Thank you very much dear! Talagang na-feature ako sa blog mo ha? Hugs and kisses for you! Keep up the good work (parang comment sa student no? God bless!

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