06 August 2012

My 21 wishes on my 21st Birthday


Turning 21 is another milestone in my life. It brings along a long way of anticipation and dreams along with motivations and inspirations to reach out for the stars. This is an age when you become more responsible with your life. I want to let this 21 wishes to remind me that every year is a journey to enjoy and another year to become a better person.

1. Strong relationship with God - I have never attended mass regularly. I just go to church whenever I feel like going. This time, I don't want it to be that way again. This time, I want to build a strong relation with God. Only Him can give me strength when I feel weak so it's the least I could do give back after all the good things he has done to me.

2. Peace of Mind - I want to avoid thinking too much. Asking "ifs" and "whys" and minding other people's problem. I observed that I've been thinking too much this past few months. Thinking about my future and regretting wrong decisions I've made in the past. Spare me stress!

3. Wisdom - I want to be wiser in the decisions I'm going to make in the future. I hate regrets although I regret at times. I know I make mistakes but I always try to learn from them but too much mistakes will lead me to damnation and I won't let it happen. So, this another year in my life, I want to be more sensible with words I'm saying, actions I'm showing and decisions I'm making.

4. Patience... More Patience - I must admit, I am really an ill-tempered person. It's not good I know specially when people tend to misunderstood your entire being just because I am impatient. I need to deal with the things/people around me with grace :)

5. Happiness - Everyone deserves to be happy, So do I! I've been working hard to make the people around me happy most specially my loved ones and seeing them happy also makes me feel happy but I want to be happier this time. Happier in a sense, I am more fulfilled with what I have so I guess happiness and contentment really come hand and hand ^^

6. Good Health - Since working and studying both full time is really really very hard to manage and of course jeopardizing my health, I wish to be healthier and live with a healthy lifestyle starting with drinking lots of water. Water please?

7. Survive Law School - It's been utmost dream to become a lawyer, check my high school year-book you'll see! In order to be one, I really have to work hard and work smart. First year in law school is really tough so I have to be more persistent in pursuing my dreams.

8. Love... Love... Love - No wonder I put this wish on Number 8 :) I wist to be a more loving girlfriend ^^ I wish to spread love not only to my Bheib but also to all the people around specially to my family and friends.

9. Optimism - I always wish to attract positive vibes. Who would want to start a day with negative aura, right? So, this time, I hope I can always find reasons to look on the brighter sides of every situations.

10. Humility - I should be honest about this one. I sometimes tend to be boastful about my achievements, I don't know, the reason may be is because I want somebody to see all my hardworks. Sometimes, I feel like nobody appreciates me, so, in order for them to see me, I parade my accomplishments. I found out, it's much better to be a low profile person ^^

11. Me Time - I want to have some time for myself. A time for me to think about anything and everything that surrounds me. Some time for me to assess myself and see things I'm capable of doing.

12. Change of Heart - This is a tough one! I need to change the way I mingle with other people. Sometimes, people around me specially those who are close to me tend to disrespect me just because I am an outgoing person. Just because a person can ride your jokes doesn't mean you have the right to disrespect them. I want to be more reserved now. I want to choose only those whom I think respects me.

13. Regularly update my Legally Blunt Blog - Come on! Don't be jealous there :) I'll be posting here every single time ^^ It's so happen that The Legally Blunt needs posts that will chronicle the life of a Law Student :)) It's harder coz I have to be careful with my choice of words and of course it must stick to it's objective.

14. Expand my Circle of Friends - I want to be acquainted to my seniors in Law School. After all, they'll be the ones who can help me make it through.

15. Be Closer to my Family - I'm not really close to my family specially now that I live independently. Being away from them gives me time to realize their importance, this time, enough about realization, time to show your appreciation ^^

16. Regular meet-ups with my Best Friend - Undergrad years have been the most precious times in my life because there, I met my one true best friend. Going to school was never hard because you know that at the end of the day, after a frustrated class, there is someone that cheers you up and understands you when you need it the most. I want to have a constant communication with Med. He is my only best friend and I don't want to continue this journey without keeping in touch with him.

17 . iPad - Since this really is a wishlist, I want to add an iPad to this :)) I know, I know I'm asking for too much but let me drown myself with this illusion. It's very hard for a Law Student to print every cases that we have to study but if I only have an iPad where I can read everything like reading a book, life will be simpler. See, it's for educational purposes ONLY (also).

18. More Formal Outfits - I need more formal clothes. I wear my clothes all over again. Same things every time! Since I want to take this path, I have to physically prepared, you cannot look like an undergrad student in law school. Of course you have to look presentable! I'm not drooling over branded clothes, it can wait until my graduation, for now what I need is simple sets of formal clothes. Long sleeves... High cut skirts, slacks and coats.

19. Go Abroad (Eat Pray Love) - I want to go outside of the country. Now this I think is really too much. But if you can dream, why not dream big right? I want to go to South Korea where I can see my students or to Hongkong  where I can go back to my childhood and get lost in Disneyland. But my dream place to explore is Europe. If only I have a sponsor who can finance all my delusions. There you go again with your "IF" !

20. Thriftiness is next to Success - I have to start earning to fulfill all my dreams, to achieve all my wants and to meet all my needs. I know it's gonna be really hard, but I must try!

21. Live life to fullest! - I may appeal strong and fearless but deep inside I'm a person with lots of hesitations. I sometimes don't want to take risks, rather, play safe! This time, I want to take chances. Taking chances doesn't mean I will become rebellious. I just want to grab almost all of the the opportunities that will be presented to me in the future. In short, I want to be a go-getter! You go girl ! Girl pawah ! Girl pawah ! Girl pawah ! -- Spice Girls ??

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