28 December 2012

People of my 2012


Since it's almost the end of the world , I mean year 2012 ..
A very rare occasion that only happens once,
and will never happen again .
I've decided to share with you some People, in no particular order,
who made a great impact in my life for the year 2012 .
I guess this is also another good way to look back to another great year that has passed .

Probably my only best friend and will always remain the BEST! We've been through a lot and facing trials would never be so easy if it wasn't because of him. Thank you because we've been together through ups and downs and despite busyness in law school we have remained the same excitement we always feel whenever we see each other . You will always have an impact every single year , month , day of my life !

She became my one my closest friend in Law School and it's needless to say how she has made an impact in my Law School life by inspiring me with her laughter and tears. She made me realize how lucky I am to have my kind of personality. Thank you for always trusting me and for letting me introduce the other side of me :)

She never fails to challenge me since I was a kid.
Expect to see her name every year. Ma , you'll probably will never ever read this so allow me to be mushy here . Ma , thank you for being the kind of mother that you are . You're not perfect and will never be . But thank you for always reminding me that being "good" is not enough . Making you proud will always be my burning desire .

Sir Benny
My instant tatay in Law School. 
The word "Tatay" will be enough to explain the reason. I'll be back in law school sir so expect a chic walking around your office again ^^

He just made me realize that not all fairy tales have happy endings and yes FAIRY TALES ARE FICTIONAL so they don't really exist. We broke up this year and it really did made a huge impact in my life! Thank you for being there when I needed you the most for not being there , too . Those were the times when I realized that I'm brave enough now to love someone more than I do to myself. You will always have a special place in my heart . 

TL Andeng
She's a very understanding person and because of our misunderstanding, I learned a lot! I learned that not everyone can understand what a person's going through .. that committing mistakes will never be an excuse to be a responsible person . Thank you Ms. Andrea ! I learned a lot from you !

 Teacher July
Mare , thank you for always listening to my endless love stories ... life stories ... yes marathon STORIES :) Thank you for just listening without judging . I sincerely admire how true you are to me . Thanks for letting me see the "crazy" side of you . It's really a blessing for me when we became closer . May you touch more lives . I found an ATE in you ^^ Thank you !

Our undying love/law stories made all the difference the way we knew each other . I know at times , most of the time , I seem to be so annoying but let those annoying moments be the things that you'll mostly remember about me . Thanks for being a crying shoulder when I had no one to cry on . You surely made an impact not only in my 2012 but in my life .

Teacher Cloud and Teacher Ivony
You two are my delight every time I go to work . Thank you for making me feel loved and blessed to have friends at work . Thank you for always cheering me up ^^

The Silent Noise Band
Thanks for 5 years of friendship . We may not see each other that often but still you did made an impact in my life specially this year . Alam nyo yan ! Thanks for serenading me whenever I feel gloomy . Hopefully , we can release a recording next year (2013) . Yes to FAME !

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Yvonne Torremonia Manalo said...

Wow! And special mention talaga kami ni Teacher Cloud? Lemme thank you too for being there. We might never become physically close since we really did not have a chance to be in the same team but your presence always cheers me up. Yes, I sometimes felt demotivated at work and sometimes I wanted to find another job but seeing you smile at me every morning is enough for me to stay.

Did you remember the first time that I talked to you? (That was when you called your student earlier.) From that day that you talked to me, I realized that you are worth keeping. Thank you so much for cheering me up, for reminding me to reach my goal and update my blog, and for the never-ending friendship!

I am Jocelle Dela Cruz said...

Awwww! Mas mahaba pa comment mo kesa sa post ko :') Thank you so much chur! Love na love kita! Alam mo yan! Hmwwwah!

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