05 March 2013

The Pioneer Batch


          Hi there guys! It's been a very very long time since I last posted here. Same excuses, I've been very busy with my life that I almost forgot this part of my blogging life. Anyway, enough about the d*mn excuses and cheers to my new post :)) 

          I'd like to introduce to you my new co-workers in, of course, my new job here at RareJob Philippines, Inc. They're totally crazy! Here's the proof! Enjoy :p

That's Mitzie on the left side, she's selling fashionable Pandan goods, then Tricia - an RN, Wendel - the most loyal guy I've ever met in my entire life, that's Abbie above me - a shy girl and a future high school teacher . Gosh you wanna see her reveal her ehem ! crazy side ^^ and that's me . nuff said !

Mitzie? Is everything okay?

Street children, eh ? 

Wendel and Mitzie, you two are trying to say something here.

The nice people you'll meet on the 4th floor ^^

Torishaaaaa !

Me channeling a seductive pose .. FAIL !

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