12 April 2012

I want these books :((


I'm not a bookworm.
I don't like reading.
I hate books!
I find them boring!


These are my obsessions...
I don't like reading because I can't find an interesting book to read aside from
"The Little Price"
which I read decades ago...
Yes! decades ago!
But then, I came to realize that I'm missing a lot!
I saw all the series of the the movie "Harry Potter"
but I never touch any of its book.
Being a curious badass, I tried to see if the story from the movie
matched what's on the book and to my surprise!
Nah!!! They skipped a lot!
So, I'm dying to have all their copies..

Not only that!!
I want all the copies of the books from the greatest authors I know...

R. L. Stine
Sidney Sheldon
Joy Fielding
James Patterson

Please... Help me become the bookworm I can be :)

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Perrine Renoir said...

try booksale. i get some of my books from them.

if you're the adventurous type try chapters and pages >>> all their Php99 buy one take one books. i was so happy when i saw a rare "Shakespeare in the Movies" and some books about scriptwriting for film and tv. I bought a boxful.

great things await for those who search.

I am Jocelle Dela Cruz said...

hahaha ! sooo true ! i got my first 2 sidney sheldon books from a book sale and it's not painful in my pocket to pay 299 for 2 books from such a great author .. but since i cannot collect them all at the moment . i download some of them from ebook websites ^^ . Thank you for browsing .. God bless :)

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