11 June 2012

It's all about the Money (Manny) (Manny) !


I was so disappointed with the result yesterday ..
I guess , we, Filipinos feel the same way !
It's been such a long time since Manny received his last defeat against Marquez in 2005 and just like the same , it was a split decision !

I think there's something beyond the game !
It's pretty obvious that Manny won the fight against Bradley from the punches he throw
I am determined !

But there was a big twist ..
Maybe they let bradley win the game so there would be a re-match .
If there would be a re-match they said on November 10 I'm not sure ,
they will receive bigger bags of money ..
Now that's something ! 

take that you #!#@@$% FUUUUU !!

really huh ?! then why ?!!

Good thing Manny is a professional person ..


Hey Bradley !
Take that belt away from you .. what are you ??


Hey Manny !
without that belt what are you ?

A billioner , congressman, philanthropist, preacher and a good person .

Bradley , U MAD ?!


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