15 June 2012

Poem From a Fatherless Daughter


When Fathers Day comes around
I just stare at the ground
While everyone talks about their Dads
I begin to wish I had
A chance to join their conversation
But I have no reason to celebrate this occasion,
Not because I don’t have a dad
But because you wish you never had
That night when you met my mom
And soon had a little-one
You denied me every chance you had,
Saying that the women was mad,
Now 20 years later
You have become nothing but a sperm donator,
With several different kids,
Who of course are said to be not his,
But not so lucky for you,
You were proved wrong,
And this is why I say my tone sing-song
Thanks for making time in your busy life
To drag me and my siblings
Around not even over night,
You sit and talk on your phone
Anticipating the time we go home;
So here is your “Fathers” day card,
Complete with a poem
To appreciate how you have worked so hard…
oh wait, it says to dad, sorry
But anyone can be a father,
But it takes a special person to be a dad…..
and your qualifications are a little too bad.


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