22 February 2012

Are you Summer Ready?


With Summer just around the corner, most of us find that over cold winter and rainy spring, we have gained a few pounds, gotten out of shape, maybe lost our summer tan. You may just be worried about how to keep from getting a sun burn, what to do, or what to wear. I will go over a few ways to get you in shape, looking your best, and ready for a great Summer.

Get In Shape

With the holidays having just passed, I'm sure we all have gotten a little out of shape. If you want that summer body back (or just to finally have a summer body), you should start with exercise. A lot of people say DIET and exercise which is even better, but I don't much care for dieting, exercise alone works for me. Some of you all may have gym memberships, or a bench and some weights at home. If you do, I suggest just some basic exercises, and do light weight with high reps around 10 - 20 reps.

CHEST: Bench Press, Push Ups, Chest Fly's

ABS: Crunches, Sit Ups, Leg Raises, Side Leg Raises

LEGS / STAMINA: Jog, Run, Squats

ARMS: Curls, Tricep Dips, Tricep Extensions, Hammer Curls

SHOULDERS: Shrugs, Military Press

BACK: Pull Down Machine, Chin Ups

You do not have to do all the exercises listed, just a few of each. For those of you who do not have exercise equipment or access to a gym, try this write up on how to get in shape without weights.

Skin Care / Tan

Some of you may be worried about getting sun burnt due to light skin, or just worried about how you look since you have lost your tan over the holidays. And if your one of the many (such as myself) who have acne, you may want to try the tanning bed. I know a lot of people disagree with the tanning bed, but I personally go all the time.
It helps get your tan back, this in turn keeps you from burning as easily, and it helps dry up acne and oily skin, and hide the redness from acne.
For those of you with really sensitive skin, you may want to start in a really low level bed, and try to find a place that doesn't have "the best tanning beds in town" because even their light beds will burn you. Lay only a few minutes to start out. If you can not tan, you may want to just buy a really good sun block for the Summer. And if you have acne and burn really easy, you may want to consult a dermatologist or try Acnefree (wal mart brand of proactiv that works great). But most people who burn easy just need time to adjust to the tanning bed slowly.

Unsightly Hair

For girls, you may want to start shaving (or preferred hair removal) your legs more often, bikini line, and so on. For guys, you may want to shave, wax, or whatever method your prefer for hair removal, to your stomach, chest and back. I know a lot of men do not agree with that, it is all in preference.


Make sure you have a pair of sandals or flip flops (that goes for guys or girls). At the least have some tennis shoes. Make sure to have some cargo and / or ball shorts for those hot days you have to get out and have fun. Maybe a few polo's for those dressier days. And if you want to really get dressed up but be comfortable, try some jeans with sandals and a button up (prefer unbuttoned with some kind of undershirt).

Hand & Foot Care

For those of you wearing sandals or going to the beach or anywhere barefoot, make sure to keep those toenails trimmed and feet clean. Same goes for hands and fingernails.


Make sure to keep your car clean for those pretty days you want to ride around. Look into getting your windows tinted because that will make those summer days cooler in long rides.


Make sure to schedule a few days at LEAST of for a vacation or just time to hang out and enjoy summer with friends.

Skin Care

Make sure to stay moisturized, chap stick, hand / feet lotion, because the summer weather will dry your skin up.

So, Are you Summer Ready now?

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