21 March 2012

10 Hair Myths – Proved Or Busted?


From years we have heard so many things related to hair from our grannies. Some we like to believewhile some we like to scream “gimme a break.” Some are explainable while some are totallyexaggerated. Some have scientific reasons while some are completely fake.

Lets settle those things today and find out if they are myths or reality. We have top 10 hair myths which we will try to prove or bust.

Girl Stroking Her Hair

1. Brushing your hair 100 strokes every night helps your hair grow healthy and adds shine to your hair.

When you go for hundred strokes, it actually pulls your hair from their follicles and more over it serves as a process of wear and tear of every single hair strand.


Trimming Hair

2. Trimming your hair every month helps your hair grow faster.

Your hair grows only 1/2 inch every month. If you trim 1/2 inch every month you are only cutting the length of hair that has grown and you are hair length is definitely not going anywhere. The only benefit you are getting from the trimming is your hair will never have split ends.


Green Hair

3. Swimming pools turn the color of your hair to green.

If you have natural blonde hair or you have highlighted your hair then this may happen if you are a constant swimmer as green tints get highlighted over your hair.


Sleeping With Wet Hair

4. Sleeping with wet hair will cause fungus growth on your scalp.

Fungus has nothing to do with water or wetness. It will be caused only if your head has some sort of skin disease or you had any contact with physically transmitted fungus or infections.


Girl With Tight Ponytail

5. Wearing tight hairstyles will lead you to hair loss and ultimately to baldness.

Constant pulling of hair weakens the hair and also pulls your hair from the follicles.


Sun Burnt Scalp

6. If your scalp is extremely sun burnt, you will suffer from hair loss.

Extreme sun burns damages hair follicles right from at the root level. Constant damage will begin in hair loss and will end you up in baldness with a shiny skin surface.



Girl With Dry Hair

7. You shouldn’t wash your hair everyday otherwise it will turn dry.

Dryness of your hair isn’t related to washing. If you have a good shampoo that is perfect for the type of your hair then your hair moisture isn’t going any where. In fact, right shampoo will give you the essentials missing in your hair.


Last Rinse With Cold Water

8. Having the last rinse with cold water adds shine to your hair.

If you have been to saloons, you must have noted that the last rinse they give you will always be with cold water. That is because cold water closes the pores of your head and also the cuticles of your hair adding shine.


Plucking Grey Hair

9. If you pluck one grey hair, 3 will grow in its place.

Obviously this is a complete myth. If you were to pluck one hair and 3 would grow in its place, no one would be complaining about hair fall. Hair fall would be regarded as a therapy for hair growth.


Girl Repairing Split Ends

10. Split ends can be sealed without trimming.

There is no way to seal the split ends. Once you have split ends, there is no reverse, repair or sealing technique except that you get your hair trimmed exactly the same length from where your split ends are.


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About this post, well yeah, oldies do have some myths about hair. So thank you for this post, some of them have been proven to be true and the rest, whew, just myths.

See ya!

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מעצבת שיער said...

If you wash your hair too much, with a bad shampoo then it will go dry over time, It happened to me.

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