21 March 2012

Cheating Level: Finest!


Cheating is the best way to flatter your seat-mate and you're humble enough to do that you know :))

"It's better to cheat than to repeat"

15 To Do During Exam

1) Turn your Question Paper into a fun filled Art Collection by sketching on the entire Question Paper.

2) As soon as you get your Question Paper, snatch it and start scribbling on it pretending to be busy answering all the questions. After an hour, return the paper saying ” That was easy.”

3) When everyone is silently answering the paper, get up, tear your question paper into small pieces and scream ” Merry Christmas.”

4) Pretend to sleep and get up just a few minutes before the end time, Yawn while stretching yourself and then pretend to be answering the paper.

5) Enter the exam room and take your seat well behaved. Soon as you get the Question Paper, screamloudly, ” OMG, TODAY IS MATHS. I STUDIED ALL NIGHT FOR ENGLISH.”

6) While writing your answers, drop your pen down then pick it up and continue writing. Then drop any of the other stuff, pick it up and continue writing. Do this off and often.

7) When there is silence in the room, pretend to have a big fall from your chair. Make sure you pull the table and chair along to get the LOUD NOISY effect.

8 ) Pretend to have a Migraine attack and scream in pain, until everyone has got your attention. Ask for some water, drink it and say ” Yeah Em Fine Now, Thank You.”

9) Run out of your Exam Room screaming frantically “Aaaaahhhhh,” and also make some weird hand gestures.

10) Dress yourself in a look that you have just come out of your bed. Crinkled and unpressed clothes, no proper tucking in of shirt, hair messed up and home slippers.

11) Write funny answers to all your questions. Talk in jokes, idioms, poetry, stories, pictures etc.

12) Ask the invigilator if you can use any of your Life Line such as Phone A Friend, Audience Poll, 50-50 or Flip The Question.

13) Begin your exam with a LOUD weird prayer such as “Amm Numm Zimbbb Gai Gai Ki.”

14) Find excuses in every question to avoid answering them such as, ” I refuse to answer this Question as it is against my Religious Belief.”

15) In the middle of the exam call your favorite comic/action figure or cartoon/game character to rescue you.

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Cat said...

read this and trying to figure out how this and some of your other posts don't contradict your God posts. Guess you don't really get what faith is about. kinda sad actually.

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