29 March 2012

We Were The Undefeated Ones


by By: Roop Ullah

The world is waiting for us,
We have to go
To make a move,
That will be remembered.

We have a chance,
A mighty one.
To do something,
That will never be done.

Hopes and dreams,
We've passed along,
A moment we've encountered,
We were the ones.

Again we rise,
From our many defeats.
Something tells us,
Victory is almost here.

We, the future,
The undefeated ones.
We were the ones,
To rise from our fall.

To understand the meaning,
Of the victorious ones,
Is to be among the,
Undefeated ones.

We've cried,
And laughed.
But we've always done one thing,
To hold our head up high everyday.

Today is our day,
To shine once again.
Don't fall today,
Because we've already succeeded.

We were the ones,
Who were victorious.
To rise and fall,
From the many defeats.


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