22 March 2012

How it feels like to have a FATHER ???


Take your time. Think a lot. Think of everything you’ve got. — Yes, Dad. I’ll find a girl and settle down. I shall marry. I shall grow old and be happy. You’re one person I’d always look up to—thank you. Happy Father’s Day to you, Dad.

Father and Son

I've always dream of having a father .. Well, I'm not an alien or something yah know ! It's just plain and simple that I sprout in this world without a father . Whenever I see my classmates hanging around with their Dads I get jealous. I just really want to know how will it feel. Will he be proud of me? Will he ever get mad at me? Will he tap my back for all my accomplishments?
The answers?? I really don't know and I, myself, want to find out :'(


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