21 March 2012

Public Speaking? Problem Seeking!


Stage frights can be so annoying at times because each time there is a competition, debate, speech, compairing, anchoring, presentation in your institute, you step back just because of stage fright.

Today we’l discuss this issue in detail as much as possible to help you cope with stage fright so you can enjoy every participation with no hesitation at all.

Reasons behind stage fright :

1) Lack Of Confidence.

2) Personal Nature of Staying Reserved, Isolated and Not Socializing.

3) Fear of getting Embarrassed.

4) Fear of getting stuck, forgetting the script, slip of tongue, mumbling and making mistake.

5) Fear of getting laughed upon.

Steps To Overcome Stage Fright:

1) Mirror Trick :

Yes it always works. Stand in front of the mirror and talk boldly and confidently. Speak as if you are speaking in front of the crowd. If you have the script, try and rehearse it in front of the mirror. And while you talk, look in your eyes, with head straight and shoulders not lagging low.

This should develop your confidence.

2) Try to go out with your friends and take small steps such as giving an order in the restaurant or taking control in a group discussion. Go out on parties as they also help you socialize and teach you language and how to deal with people.

3) Fear of getting embarrassed has been discussed as a separate topic, so you may read them toOvercome Embarrassing Situations.

4) Stay confident and do not let the audience realize that you are nervous inside.

5) Always look into the eyes of the audience but never let any funny faces in the audience make you nervous.

That’s pretty much about the outline of how you can face stage fright. With a little help, a little time and a little confidence, you should be fine even in front of a huge crowd or audience.

Wish You All The Best


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