21 March 2012

Different Exam Stress


When the exams are around the corner, most of us feel stranger than usual. Most common problems are anxiety, restlessness, broken sleeps, frequent strange dreams, stress, lack of concentration even in normal daily chores/work and feel of loss of memory.

We are going to discuss each of these problems and why they occur.

1) Anxiety And Restlessness – In this state a person does not feel like doing anything at all. This state is a little closer to goosebumps in your stomach and youngsters with higher exam stress can almost have the exact feeling of goosebumps. This is just because at the moment you are not aware of your current position/status, i.e you dont know how prepared you are and how you are going to prepare.

2) Broken Sleeps – This is a state in which youngsters do not get appropriate and sound sleep. Their sleep is broken without any reason. The break interval may increase as the exam date closes in. Youngsters with higher exam stress may also wake up finding themselves panting for breath or in sweat.

3) Dreams – When exams are around the corners, most of us start dreaming frequently in our sleep and these dreams will usually relate and depict your exam stress. Running late of time on exam day, missing your bus on exam day, not able to finish paper on time, not knowing anything while writing the paper are common dreams youngsters have in exam days. This is just because your mind is too engrossed with exam stress whether you know it or not.

4) Stress – Stress is one of the most common and normal situation during exam days. Need not to mention the state one undergoes in stress and the reason is generally because your mind is thinking too much about the upcoming exam, how much you are prepared, how much more there is to prepare and so on.

5) Lack of concentration – Youngsters not only feel lack of concentration in studies but they also are unable to concentrate in their daily routine of life and basic chores. Youngsters who suffer from high stress may also experience shaking or trembling hands.

6) Feel of Loss of Memory – This is another most felt stage. No matter how much you prepare and learn, you have the feeling that you have not prepared anything. The tendency of this stage shoots high just a few minutes before the exam papers are being handed out and continues till the paper is in your hand. This is just a stress situation because you are thinking negative and lack confidence in your preparations.

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