19 March 2012

Korean Make-Up for the Filipina


Last March 3, we held the first-ever Korean 101 with Ms. Cherish Maningat-Bae and one of the classes in the whole-day session was “Korean make-up for the Filipina”. Cherish shared with us in detail how we can pull off the whole “no-make-up-flawless-look” that Korean women are known for (as opposed to the very Western “check-me-out-and-my-colored-face-look”).

It’s the magic of BB Cream, really but the problem is, according to Cherish, we, not-so-mestiza Pinays really have no room in the world of Korean cosmetics because many of their products have pinkish tone/base and/or are really light-colored. Apparently, even the tone of the BB cream that I had been using did not fit my yellow tone. I’ve stopped using it since LOL.


The internet is full of horrible LIES!!!

I did her tutorial on my own and in fairness, IT WORKED LIEK WHOAH! I looooved it so much so I’m sharing it for you guys (with her permission, of course). I’ll also alter some things and use my own make-up, just for the touch of Kring. Are you ready? [click to enlarge the photos]

1. Start with a clean face. Yes, that’s how I look like without anything on my face at all. Literally. Not even the healing tool of Photoshop. Please excuse my ugly face.


2. Apply moisturizer or face emulsion/lotion. I’m using Elianto’s Green Tea & Chamomile. Cherish recommended that we apply it by lightly slapping it on the face as that helps massage the muscles and tighten the skin. You may also apply sunblock over the moisturizer.


3. Your base is the most important element and it has to be for the yellow toned-skin (if you’re the usualkayumanggi Pinay). This is The Face Shop’s Phytogenic Infinite Make-up Base. It’s colored green because I want to look like Hulk. Just kidding. It’s for the yellow tone. The purple one is for the pinkish tone. Dab it around your face evenly until it’s settled on your skin.


4. Next (and I’ve never heard of this before), with your concealer, draw a vertical straight line across your face. Spread it on your cheekbones too and a bit under your eye. Your goal is to look like an aborigine or something. I’m using Missha’s Under Eye Brightener.


5. Spread it evenly with a sponge (or fingers, whatever floats your boat) up until it covers your eyebags.


6. On the remaining uncovered area is where you apply your liquid foundation. I’m using Maybelline’s Pure Liquid Mineral BO1. Behold the most beautiful woman in Novaliches!


Apparently, this technique is all about HIGHLIGHTING instead of SHADOWING. Normally, you would darken the cheek and jaw area to create contour but by doing this, you would still have the curves, except your face is brighter!

7. Now spread and blend everything evenly like a madafakkaaa!!!


8. Cherish doesn’t use powder (as it makes her face oilier, she said) but I’m setting mine withMaybelline’s Pure Foundation Mineral Natural Perfecting Powder Foundation B02.


Maybelline cosmetics in the Philippines set REALLY WELL on our skin because (as I was informed) it’s manufactured specifically for Southeast Asian skin. FYI, I was not paid by anyone for this post though I think they should LOL.

9. Now that we’re done with our “base”, let’s add life and color into it! First, the eyebrows… You can use whatever you want, really. I’m currently using In 2 It’s Waterproof Eyebrow Colour (the lightest shade).


10. Use a light-colored eye shadow (since this is for “day make-up”. If you have the 3-color palette, choose the one in the middle. This is Avon’s True Color Coffee Browns Quad and for today, I’m choosing the 2nd color.


Cherish’s tip: The shadow should darker/heavier from inner part of the eyelid going out.

11. Get your eyelash curler and make those lashes fly away!


12. Line your eyes. Make sure the spaces between your lashes are blackened, too. THIS IS CRUCIAL. Eyeliner makes your eyes pop out and it really depends on your preference, how you want to do it. Just don’t over-do it as you want to look pretty, not emo. I’m using the Max Factor’s Mechanical Eyeliner Black.


Also, not because you want to achieve the Korean look does it mean you should make your eyes smaller. That’s B.S.

13. It’s mascara time! If I need to be on stage or in front of the camera, I’d normally use falsies because they are made of so much awesomeness. Otherwise, I’d just use a normal mascara. Currently lovesMaybelline’s The Magnun Volum’ Express Waterproof.


14. Cherish also doesn’t use blush but I do because WHY THE HELL NOT?! This is In 2 It’s Waterproof Blush Set MB04 Sentiment. Just brush it lightly across your cheeks!


15. Last part, the lips! I’m a big fan of color and I go crazy with it. However, if you’d like to achieve the subtle Korean look, use a very light color or even just a lip tint. I’m using Coastal Scents 32-lip Pallete(mixing up my pink).


16. Seal it with a nice lip gloss. Of you choice! Mine’s currently Max Factor’s Lipfinity (the top coat).


And viola! That’s Korean Make-Up for the Filipina, Cherish Bae-style. Hahaha. There’s another version for the night make-up but I’d share it next time.


This is the first time that you’ve seen my forehead, yeah?


Let it be known that this is not the only way of dong it. We’re sure there are many tutorials out there on YouTube. Also, please do not expect that you’d magically look like Song Hye Kyo after you’re done. I know I didn’t look like a Korean (and I have no intentions anyway) but not bad, eh?

Thanks, Cherish for your info and insights!

Credits to Ms. Kring Elenzano of Funny is the New Sexy


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