21 March 2012

Turn you Ordinary Shirt into a Fabulous One!


An only T-shirt can look pretty drab with a pair of jeans, no matter how cool they look. You can lookcasual yet trendy at the same time and there is no harm in that. In fact it makes your days extra special to look good and for those who have that special someone, this knowledge can be quite helpful.

So how can you put some spark in your casual wear? It’s quite simple. I have written down a few tips that can make your extremely casual tee-shirt into a not so casual shirt that you can wear to important places as well. These accessories are easy to buy and may even be available in yours or your sister’s closet. So hold it back when there are no rules over not making a casual shirt perfectly trendy.

Things that you all girls will need…

1) A cool beaded necklace.

2) A fashionable belt.

3) Some cool matching shoes (sneakers or soles)

4) A suit jacket or a simple cute cardigan

5) A nice scarf

Following are some the yummiest ways to make your casual t-shirt look yummier.

1) A suit jacket, cardigan, wool top or even a leather jacket will do the job of making your t-shirts cool. A slimming jacket/cardigan or jacket that you use for this purpose should you’re your t-shirt out in making its color more bold. This will give your style an edge over other casual wanderers. It’s not necessary to find a matching one but do make sure the colors are not so bright that it looks like you dressed in the dark. Make the colors complement each other. Just make sure both the t-shirt and suit jacket are not too loud otherwise you will just look weird.

2) Accessories are one other way of making that casual t-shirt work. Nowadays there are many choices from which you can choose. One cool make-it-yourself accessory is the necklace made out of a t-shirt. It’s very cool and it’s not even costly.

Such accessories can make your t-shirt dressier. WARNING: Do not go for the pearls and diamond necklaces. Use more subtle jewelry like beaded or stone necklaces to make your fabric stylish and chic.

3) Scarves will do the trick as well. Although this is a more olden times fashion but it has been revived by the Duchess Of Cambridge Catherine Middleton Flaunts Her Fashion In Royal Glamour. So go for the scarf fashion, pick one that complements your t-shirt. You can just fling it back on your shoulder or just tie it like a knot, just make sure that is not too subtle. If your t-shirt is very vibrant, choose a more loud scarf so it does not blend in completely.

4) Shoes can make or break a simple or gorgeous outfit. Even the loudest T-shirt can be outdone if the shoes are jazzy enough. Try to find shoes that match something in the top to bring it out more.

5) If you want to show off your slim waistline or you are just too weight conscience, try working a belt at your waist. It is perfect for your slim waist as well as your bootylicious curves. T-shirts do not show off your waist but with a belt you can achieve that as well. If the t-shirt is fitted, then remember to put the belt around the lower waist. But if you are getting ready at the last minute in a baggy t-shirt then move it slightly above the waistline and get the look you deserve and need, this will greatly slim your mid-area.


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